Metrohm Ag/AgCl Reference Electrtode Length 12.5 cm up to 80 °C 6.0726.100

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Manufacturer: Metrohm

Model: Ag/AgCl reference electrode length 12.5 cm

P/N: 6.0726.100

S/N: 0040 2240


The Ag/AgCl reference electrode is a silver/silver chloride reference electrode with Double-Junction System, installation length 10 cm. The standard ground-joint 14/15 enables easy assembly, and the flexible ground-joint diaphragm, which is insensitive to contamination, can be replaced at any time. The reference electrolyte and the bridge electrolyte can be selected freely according to use, and are easy to replace.

Areas of Application:

- Ion analysis


- Bridge electrolyte type: variable
- Diaphragm: Ground-joint diaphragm
- Electrode plug-in head: Metrohm socket B
- Electrolyte outflow (µL/h) with reference to 3 mol/L KCl: 5...50
- Max. installation length: 100 mm
- Min. immersion depth: 10 mm
- Reference electrolyte type: variable
- Reference resistance (kO) with reference to 3 mol/L KCl: <3
- Reference system: Ag wire/AgCl
- SGJ sleeve: Standard ground-joint 14/15
- Shaft diameter bottom: 12 mm
- Shaft diameter top: 12 mm
- Shaft material: Glass
- Temperature range, long-term: 0 ... 80 °C
- Temperature range, short-term: 0 ... 80 °C

Items delivered:

- Metrohm Ag/AgCl reference electrtode length 12.5 cm


The Ag/AgCl reference electrtode is in very good cosmetic condition and ready for your application.

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