Mettler Thornton 200CR Two-Channel Conductivity/Resistivity Measurement 240-213

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Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo Thornton

Model: 200CR Two-Channel Conductivity/Resistivity Measurement Sensor

P/N: 6222-1

S/N: 321945


The 200CR Two-Channel Conductivity/Resistivity Measurement System, P/N 6222-1, is an analytical and process control instrument for measuring solution properties. It is user friendly, flexible and highly accurate. The 200CR single instrument for wide range of measurement with appropriate two-electrode sensors. Each channel can be set to measure two of the parameters listed, for a total of four different measurements. A 1 line x 16 character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) module conveys measuring data and setup information. The display is backlit for viewing in all lighting conditions. The menu structure allows the operator to modify all operational parameters by using keys on the front panel. A menu-lockout feature, with password protection, is available to prevent the unauthorized use of the meter. The 200CR is configured with up to four relays for process control.
The 200CR instrument is equipped with a communication interface that can be configured as either an RS422 or an RS232. This interface provides real-time data output and complete instrument configuration capabilities for central monitoring via Personal Computer or Programmable Logic Controller.

Applications include:

- pure water treatment
- semiconductor processing
- power plant cycle chemistry
- pharmaceutical water monitoring

Features and Specifications:

- Display: 1 line x 16 character backlit LCD
- Measurements: resistivity, conductivity, °C, °F, total dissolved solids, % rejection, difference and ratio, %HCl, %NaOH, % H2SO4
- Measurement Channels: 2
- Signal Inputs per channel: 2
- Measurement Cycle Time: 1 second (4 measurements processed per second)
- Configuration: all setup information is stored in non-volatile memory
- Setpoints (alarms): 4 independent alarms programmable as high or low limits
- Outputs: 2 analog outputs
- Communications: RS232/RS422 interface, bidirectional
- Security: keypad lockout with password
- Calibration: complete instrument, output, and sensor calibration. Calibration can be NIST traceable
- Watchdog Timer: with a power supply monitor, to prevent unexpected instrument lockup
- Built-In Diagnostics: several self tests performed automatically and can be initiated at any time 

Items delivered:

- Mettler Toledo Thornton 200CR Two-Channel Conductivity/Resistivity Measurement Sensor incl. cables (please see therefore pictures)


This item is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

Hersteller: Mettler Toledo
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