Mettler Toledo Excellence Titrator T50 51109020 + DGi115-SC + Compact Stirrer

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Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Model: Excellence Titrator T50 + DGi115-SC + Compact Stirrer

P/N (Excellence Titrator T50): 51109020
P/N (DGi115-SC): 51109504
P/N (Compact Stirrer): 51109150

S/N (Excellence Titrator T50): B602980173

Titrator FW version: 4.0.1

Instrument Validation Date: 08.2017


The Titration Excellence line offers many advantages such as One Click Titration, Plug & Play and method database. The T50 is the ideal entry-level model for the Titration Excellence line and offers much more than a simple titrator:
- Terminal with brilliant color Touchscreen:
The terminal has a high resolution, brilliant Touchscreen that can be freely and conveniently positioned thanks to the cable connection. This coupled with the adjustable display angle guarantees you enjoy an ergonomic and stress-free working environment.
- Plug & Play sensors and burettes:
The most important titration peripherals are automatically recognized by the titrator, minimizing user intervention. Important data such as sensor calibration or titrant concentration are saved in the sensor and burette chip and automatically transferred to the titrator. Using the wrong titrant or electrode is impossible.
- Titration Stand:
Mounting on right of the unit that holds the flask, stirrer and electrode
- Comprehensive communication connections:
Not only USB or CAN Bus connectivity, but also Ethernet, RS-232 and TTL connections are standard. This allows all commercial USB printers supported by Windows CE, as well as other instruments to be connected without additional hardware.

DGi115-SC – Optimized for Acid-Base Titration in Food and Beverages:
- Reliable titration:
The sensor and calibration data stored in the Sensor Chip is always up to date and can be monitored. This guarantees that the DGi115-SC is always in good condition for pH testing or end point titrations.
- Controlled conditions:
Due to the ARGENTHAL reference system with silver ion trap, the reference electrolyte (3 mol/L KCl) is free of silver ions. There is no danger of food constituents such as sulfides or proteins clogging the diaphragm.
- Repeatable precise results:
The electrolyte flow through the fixed glass junction is constant and guarantees accurate and reproducible pH readings and end point titrations. Food ingredients sticking to the glass surface can be cleaned off easily.
- Fast results:
The HA glass pH membrane features rapid response time, low alkali error and out standing mechanical durability. It is the right combination for consistently high performance.

Specifications of the T50:

One Click Titration:
- Shortcuts per user: 12
- Plug & Play sensor recognition
- Automatic burette recognition with titrant and titer
- Burette drive
- LevelSens
- LogStraight Fingerprint Reader
Burette drives:
- Max. number to dose and titrate: 1 (internal)
- Max. number to dose only: + 3 external
Method and series:
- Learn titration
- Number of method functions per method: 15
- Number of loops per method: 1
- Number of samples per series: 120
- Predefined METTLER TOLEDO methods: >30
- Max. number of methods: 120
Data Export:
- RS-232
Sensor Boards:
- Analog or conductivity: 1
Sensor inputs:
- Potentiometric: 2
- Polarized: 1
- Reference: 1
- PT1000: 1
- Ethernet: 1
- COM: 3
- USB host: 1
- USB client: 1
- CAN Bus
- TTL-I/O: 1
- Homogenizer: RS/TTL
Potentiometric sensor inputs:
- Measurement range: ± 2000 mV
- Resolution / Error limit: 0.1 mV / 0.2 mV
Polarized Sensor input:
- Measurement range Ipol / Upol: 0 - 2000 mV / 0 - 200 µA
- Resolution Ipol / Upol: 0.1 mV / 0.1 µA
- Error limit Ipol / Upol: 2.0 mV / 0.2 µA
- Current source range Ipol / Upol: 0 - 24 µA AC / 0 - 2000 mV AC
- Current source resolution Ipol / Upol: 0.1µA / 0.1mV
Temperatur-Sensor PT1000:
- Measuring range: -20 - 130 °C
- Resolution / Error limit: 0.1 °C / 0.2 °C
Burette drive:
- Burette resolution (for 10 mL burette): 0.5 µL (1/20000 of the burette volume)
- Error limit: 0.2% of the burette volume
- Resolver resolution: 0.0625% of burette volume
- Filling time and discharge time: 20 s at 100% filling rate
Titrator dimensions:
- Width x depth x height: 210 x 246 x 250 mm
- Weight: 4.3 kg
- Control: Touch control
- Screen: QVGA 5.7” color TFT
- Resolution: 320 x 240 pixel
- Angle: Adjustable in three positions

Specifications of the DGi115-SC:

- pH application range: 0–14
- Temperature range: 0–100 °C
- Membrane glass type: HA cylindrical
- Diaphragm: Ground glass
- Shaft material: Glass
- Reference system: ARGENTHAL with silver ion trap
- Reference electrolyte: 3 mol/L KCl
- Connection: S12
- Detection: Plug & Play Sensor Chip

Items delivered:

- Mettler Toledo Excellence Titrator T50
- Mettler Toledo DGi115-SC
- Mettler Toledo Compact Stirrer
- Mettler Toledo Terminal
- Mettler Toledo Titration Stand
(please see pictures for the other accessories)
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The whole system is in perfect cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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