Mettler Toledo MT5 Micro Analytical Balance Mikro Analyse Waage 5.1g 0.001mg 1µg

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Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo, Switzerland

Model: MT5 Micro Analytical Balance 5.1g / 1µg (0.001mg)

S/N: 1114311828

Comes with a high precision calibration weight - 5g!


The MT5 comes from a long line of reliable balances manufactured by Mettler.  This reliable tool comes equipped with PRO FACT and has the ability to read up  to six decimal places. The MT5 has a vented safety enclosure and should be placed on a  reliable balanced surface, such as a marble balance table. Balance operating  menu allows to adapt the balance to weighing conditions, select calibration function,  weighing process adapter, repeatability, auto zero correction, primary and alternative weighing units and interface output parameters.

The micro balance glass draft shield can be opened and closed automatically, by  one touch keys located at the right and left sides or manually by turning the  door handle. At any time, the FACT detects automatically when the balance exceeds the  permitted tolerance range and calibrate the balance utilizing 2 internal weights. Except of usual internal calibration, the FACT fulfills also linearity  calibration.

Key Facts:

? Capacity - 5.1g
? Readability - 0.001mg
? Reapeatability - 0.0008mg
? Linearity - 0.004mg
? Stabilization Time- 9s, 12s, or 16s Corresponding to setting of vibration  adapter
? 10 Selectable Weighing units - g, mg, microg, oz, dwt, GN, ozt, etc
? Piece counting
? RS232 Data Interface


Readability: 1 µg
Weighing Capacity: 5100 mg
Repeatability (s):
0 - 2 g: 0.8 µg
2 - 5 g: 0.9 µg
Linearity: ±4 µg
Linearity Referred to 500 mg: ±2 µg
Stabilization Time (Typical): 9, 12, 16 s (corresponding of setting of vibration  adapter.)
Built-in Adjustment Weights: 2 x 2.5 g (Measured to ±5 µg at an air density of  1200 mg/l on virtual mass with density 8.0 g/cm3.)
Adjustment proFACT: Fully automatic morotized self-adjustment with two built-in  weights. The accuracy of the adjustment depends on the geographic location and  the height above sea level.
Adjustment with External Weight: 5 g
Display with Deltatrac: LCD (liquid crystal)
Display Sequence: 0.2 - 0.4 s variable
Sensitivity Drift (5 - 40°C): Maximum deviation with automatic self-adjustment  proFACT ±0.00015% (with automatic self adjustment switched off) 1 ppm/°C.
Linearization: Automatic self-linearization of the weighing curve (simultaneously  wtih motorized adjustment proFACT).
Data Interface: CL and RS232C, bidirectionl, built in as standard, all lines  galvanically separated.
Glass Draft Shield: Automatic motorized opening or at a keystroke.
Equipment Designed Test Conditions: 115 or 230 V, admissible voltage  fluctuations: -20% - +15%, frequency: 50/60 Hz, max. power consumption 15.5 W
Power Supply (National Codes): S: 12.8 V=, 6.5 V=, 10.8 V, =16.7 V=. Pollution  degree 2. Overvoltage Category II.
Temperatue Range: 5 to 40°C. max. relative atmospheric humidity: 80% for  temperatures up to max. 31°C linearly decreasing to 50% at 40°C.
Altitude: 6000 m. Use only indoors in closed rooms.
Weighing Pan with Feedthrough for Below-the-Balance Weighing: Dimensions: Cell  128 mm x 287 mm x 113 mm, evaluation unit 202 mm x 294 mm x 92 mm
AC Adapter: 115 mm x 140 mm x 53 mm
Weight: Cell 2.4 kg, evaluation unit 2.5 kg, AC adapter 1.2 kg

Items delivered:

- Mettler Toledo MT5 Weighing Unit
- Mettler Toledo MT5 Control/Display Unit
- Mettler Toledo Power Supply
- High Precision Calibration Weight 5g
- Connection Cable
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The balance is in used but good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.

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