Mettler Toledo XP2001S XP Precision Balance S-Platform 0.1 g Readability 2100 g

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Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Model: XP2001S XP Precision Balance S-Platform 0.1 g Readability

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The outstanding performance of the XP2001S increases productivity. Excellence Plus XP precision balance offers maximum security in regulated environments. The touchscreen display guides the user through applications and warns with color if tolerances are violated. Innovative, built-in QM tools enforce quality guidelines and manage passwords and access rights for up to 8 users. Thanks to hands-free operation and wireless data transfer with Bluetooth, weighing toxic substances becomes safer than ever. The builtin LevelControl warns you if the balance is not correctly leveled ? for the most accurate results.


- SmartScreen, graphical color display / terminal with touchscreen-operation      
- SmartSens, two sensors for hands-free balance operation      
- proFACT, fully automatic temperature and/or time-controlled internal adjustment   
- LevelControl, warns if the balance is not leveled correctly  
- A separate processor brings the MonoBlocHighSpeed weighing cell up to maximum speed, and thanks to overload protection even heavy loads cannot damage the XP       
- StatusBar, two indicators showing the functionality assigned to the SmartSens                             
- Prepared for weighing below balance          
- Weighing pan made of stainless steel
- Built-in RS232 interface, slot for second interface (7 options)


- Limit values:
Maximum capacity; fine range: 2.1 kg
Readability; fine range: 100 mg;
Repeatability; fine range: 80 mg;
Linearity deviation: 60 mg
Sensitivity offset (test weight): 150 mg (2 kg)
- Typical values:
Repeatability; fine range: 40 mg
Linearity deviation: 20 mg
Sensitivity offset (test weight): 80 mg (2 kg)
Minimum sample weight; fine range: 120 g
Minimum sample weight; fine range: 8 g
Settling time:  0.8 s
- Dimensions:
Balance dimensions (W x D x H): 194 x 392 x 96 mm
Weighing platform dimensions (W x D): 190 x 223 mm

Items delivered:

- Mettler Toledo XP2001S XP Precision Balance S-Platform 0.1 g Readability Max. 2100 g


The balance is in very good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested. It has been extensively tested with our inhouse calibration weights (please see therefore the pictures).

Hersteller: Mettler Toledo
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