NIRSystems / Perstop NR-7079-II Cuvette Holder for FOSS NIR Spectrometer

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Kategorie: Spektrometer (UV / VIS / NIR)

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one PERSTORP ANALYTICAL  - NIRSystems Cuvette Holder

Model: NR-7079-II


Cuvette holder for all transport systems for FOSS NIRS- Perstorp NIR- Spectrometer
with temperatur control, with 8 wire cable and 8 PIN special plug for Temp-Control-Unit
with following Cuvette Inserts
1 mm....2 mm.....4 mm.....10 mm..... 20 mm
with special holder for square cuvettes with two slots  - VIS - NIR... with blind Metal Dummy for non used slot

instrument is in ORIGINAL PACKING ( nice MAHAGONNY - CASE ) and  UNUSED / NEW - 100 % functional

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