Nikon Eclipse LV150 LV150N LV-UEPI Material Microscope Mikroskop LU Plan Fluor

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Manufacturer: Nikon

Model: Eclipse LV150 Material Microscope


The advanced optics, digital capabilities, and modular design of the Eclipse LV150 Series microscopes allows an unprecedented level of versatility and flexibility that enables them to cover a wide variety of products and applications extending from development and quality control to manufacturing inspection. These microscopes provide superb performance when inspecting semiconductors, flat panel displays, packages, electronics substrates, materials, medical devices, and a variety of other samples.

Complete Configuration:

Nikon Binocular Phototube with Path Selecton 100/0, 50/50, 0/100 with Y-TV55 TV / Camera Tubus
Nikon CFI 10x/22 Eyepieces
Nikon Fototubus LV-TI
Nikon Reflected Light Illuminator Axis LV-UEPI for Brightfield and Darkfield (with ND4 Filter)
Nikon 5-Place Nosepiece with Option for DIC Slider and equipped with following objectives:
Nikon LU Plan Fluor 5X/0.15 EPI
Nikon LU Plan Fluor 10X/0.30 EPI WD 17.5
Nikon LU Plan Fluor 20X/0.45 EPI
Nikon Eclipse Mechanical Stage LV-S64 6x4
Nikon Halogen Illumination D-LH 12V 100W


The Microscope is in very good cosmetic as well as technical condition.
Ready for your needs.

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