Nikon Eclipse TE200 Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope Fully Equipped + 3 Objec.

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Manufacturer: Nikon, Japan

Model: Eclipse TE-200 Inverted Microscope

S/N: 413484

Complete Configuration:

- Nikon Eyepieces CFI 10X/22
- Nikon Tubus TE-TL, with Magnification Lens & Bertrand Lens (adjustable in  height)
- Nikon TE-DH 100W Illumination Pillar
- Nikon Lamp LHS-H100P-1 with 12V 100W HAL Illumination
- Nikon Phase Contrast Condenser ELWD 0.3 with Options: PhL, Ph1, Ph2, C, and A
- Nikon T-SR Rectangular X-Y Stage with IX-HOT Insert Plate
- Nikon TE-FM Microscope Condenser with ND4, ND8 and 0-F-C Setting
- Nikon T-N6 Sextuple Nosepiece with the following objectives
- Nikon Plan Fluor 4X/0.13 PhL DL 8/1.2 WD
- Nikon Plan Fluor 10X/0.30 Ph1 DL 8/1.2 WD
- Nikon Plan Fluor ELWD 40x 0.60 DIC M WD 3.7-2.7
- Nikon Filtercube Slider TE-FMC equipped with UV, B, G, Troughline
- Nikon Filtercube Place "UV" equipped with DM400 / DAPI (EX340-380 DAPI)  (BA435-485 DAPI)
- Nikon Filtercube Place "B" equipped with Optical Omega XF100 NQI 556
- Nikon Filtercube Place "G" equipped with DM575/ G-2A (EX510-560) (BA590)
- Nikon Side Port (Photo/Video) with T-BPA Photo Adapter
- Nikon Power Supply TE-PSE100

The TE-200 is in used cosmetic condition with traces of use - please have a  look at all pictures.

100% functional tested.

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