Nova Biomedical Stat Profile Prime CCS Blood Gas Critital Care Analyzer

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Manufacturer: Nova Biomedical

Model: Stat Profile Prime

S/N: P07714310

P/N: 52857


Stat Profile Prime combines the revolutionary microelectronics of the consumer world with Nova Biomedical?s innovative MicroSensor Card? technology for a smaller, faster, more powerful and simpler analyzer.
It offers a broad menu of 20 tests. Nova?s Stat Profile Prime features zero-maintenance cartridge technology consisting of individual cartridges for biosensors; calibrators; and automated, onboard, external liquid quality control. This design optimizes cartridge life, improves analyzer uptime, and eliminates the waste, downtime, and higher costs of older, combined calibrator and sensor cartridge systems. Stat Profile Prime delivers a full 10-test profile in just 60 seconds for
Cl, Glu, Hct, iCa, K, Lac, Na, PCO2, pH, and PO2 (no possible with every model).

The Stat Profile Prime CCS is able to analyze the following:

pH,  pCO2,  pO2,  Hct,  Sodium Potassium,  Chloride,  Calcium

Key Features:

- ZERØ? maintenance cartridge system lowers costs
- MicroSensor Card technology
- Automated, true liquid quality control
- 10 critical care tests ? results in 60 seconds
- Bidirectional connectivity
- Safe, simple, fast operation
- Compact, point-of-care size

Items delivered:

- Nova Biomedical Stat Profile Prime CCS
- Power Cord
- Stat Profile pHOx/Basic/Plus/L/C/M Thermal Paper (P/N: 23298)
- Calibrator Cartridge CSS Comp 100 Sample (P/N: 52861)
- Prime Sensor Card CCS Comp (P/N: 42033)
- Stat Profile Critical Care Xpress Syringe Clot Catcher (P/N: 38883)
- Flow Path Flush Tool Prime (P/N: 53443)
- Nova Biomedical Capillary Tube Clot Catcher (P/N: 38846)
- Prime Safety Sample Port 5 PK (P/N: 52669)
- StatProfile pHOx Ultra/CCX CO-Ox Valve Tube Removal Tool (P/N: 49671)

The Stat Profile Prime Critical Care Analyzer Blood Gas Analyzer has been used very rarely and it is in absolutely perfect condition - 100% funcational tested.
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