Olympus CK2 Inverted Inverses Microscope Mikroskop Zellkultur Phase Contrast

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Manufacturer: Olympus

Model: CK2 Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope Cell Culture

S/N: 110712


The CK2 is suited for the study of living cells, because of the relatively large  distance between the lens and the lamp,
larger objects such as Petri dishes, well plates, and culture bottles/celcultuurflessen  be placed under the microscope.

This microscope is used in, among others, hospital laboratories.

The whole System is very complete and includes:

? Olympus Microscope Body CK2
? Olympus Binocular Tube
? Olympus 2x Eyepieces CWHK10X/18L
? Olympus Plain Stage
? Olympus Quadruple Revolving Nosepiece
? Olympus Ultra Long Working Distance Condenser ULWCD 0.30
? Olympus Aperture Diaphragm
? Olympus Phase Contrast Centerable Slider CK2-SL
? Olympus Illumination Lamp Socket LS20HM with 6V 20W HAL
? Olympus Objectives:
? Leitz PL 2.5x/0.8 160/-
? Olympus DPlan 4PL 4x 0.10 160/0.17
? Olympus A 10 PL 10x 0.25 160/0.17
? Olympus LWD C A20 PL 20x 0.40 160/1.2 ! NOT INCLUDED !

The microscope is in very good cosmetic condition. The optics are clean and  100% functional tested.

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