Olympus CKX41 Inverted Cell Culture Microscope + CC-12 Cam + analySIS Software

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Manufacturer: Olympus

Model: CKX41 Inverted Phasecontrast Cell Culture Microscope + CC-12 Cam + analySIS image-analytical Software

S/N: 4C20336

Description and features of the CKX41:

The CKX41 inverted microscope with trinocular head options and fluorescence upgrade capability is suitable for advanced techniques such as the imaging of GFP and other fluorescence applications. The Olympus CKX41 supports bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence imaging. The high-angle tilting head allows quick and easy visual checks, while advanced UIS2 optics produce outstanding images. Visibility is further increased with Olympus relief contrast, particularly when using non-glass cell culture vessels, and productivity is increased with pre-centered phase contrast. The inverted research microscopes of Olympus’s CKX series were developed to accommodate a variety of cell culture and imaging needs, including live cell observations, sample preparation, image capture and fluorescence observation. The slim, compact design minimizes the depth of the microscope, allowing easy installation right beside an incubator for quick, efficient inspection of the specimens. Thanks to the pre-centered phase contrast slider, there is no need to repeat centering each time the objective magnification is changed. Likewise, ring slit exchange when swapping between objectives is also unnecessary, since the ring slit is standardized for 10x, 20x and 40x magnifications. Phase contrast observations are thus a quick and easy task, without the need for optical adjustments.

Specifications of the CKX41:

Optical system: UIS2 (Universal Infinity System) optical system
- Built-in transmitted Koehler illumination
- High-intensity halogen bulb 6V30WHAL (PHILIPS 5761) (Average life time: Approx. 100 hr. when used as directed)
- Output rating: 6 V 30 VA (DC)
- Input rating: 220-240 V, 0.85/0.45 A, 50/60 Hz
Focusing mechanism:
- Vertical movement of revolving nosepiece (stage height fixed)
- Coarse and fine adjustment knobs (provided with rotation tension adjustment mechanism)
- Stroke per rotation (from focal point on stage surface): 7 mm upward and 2 mm downward
Stage dimensions: 160(W) x 250(D) mm
Dimensions & weight: 236(W) x 371(D) x 476(H) mm, 8.8 kg
Pollution degree: 2 (in accordance with IEC60664)
Installation/Overvoltage category: II (in accordance with IEC60664)
Power supply: Continuous intensity adjustment, built-in voltage changeover switch (220/240 V)

Description and features of the CC-12 and analySIS software:

- The series of light microscope cameras by Soft Imaging System has been designed to meet the highest digital-imaging acquisition demands for all areas of the microscopy field.
- The CC-12 is the successor to the ColorView 12. This 12-bit, Peltier-cooled and FireWire™(IEEE 1394) equipped color digital camera is the ideal introduction to digital image acquisition in the field of light microscopy.
- All functions of the camera can be completely controlled and operated via the analySIS® image-analytical software. No matter what current acquisition conditions are, real-time functions guarantee that the entire dynamic range is taken advantage of. This ensures the user optimal contrast all the time.
- Following acquisition, CC-12’s total integration into analySIS® provides the full range of options and advantages of the latest in image processing and analysis, from image labeling to archiving, report generation and e-mailing all the way on to photo-realistic printouts – and there’s no more need for the darkroom.
- High Resolution:
The CC-12 camera has a resolution of 1300 x 1030 pixels. This is three times greater than that of a regular video camera.
- A camera that’s low-noise and cooled:
Highly efficient readout technology (Correlated Double Sampling) coupled with Peltier-cooling of the CCD chip results in images of superior signal-to-noise ratio.
- Variable exposure times:
Highly sensitive CCD elements are even capable of detecting signals that are extremely weak. The electronic shutter offers variable exposure times ranging from 100 µs to 160 seconds.
- High frame rate:
The high speed ADC (Analog-Digital Converter) working at a clock rate of 20 MHz in full 12-bit dynamic range is able to perform double sampling even at a readout rate of 20 MHz. Various frame rates are supported by this camera. For example, the camera can be set to acquire at a high frame rate of more than 22 fps at TV resolution using 2x binning. View your zoomed-in sample, locate the area of interest and focus – all conveniently onscreen. No longer are you forced to trade off speed for quality. For acquisition the system switches automatically into the high-resolution mode. This avoids bleaching of your fluorescence specimen and offers optimal performance when setting parameters.
- Real-time functions:
CC-12 is fast. Put this in combination with the high speed of today’s CPU’s, and you’ve got an attractively broad range of real-time functions within analySIS® available to you. These include automatic contrast control, automatic white balance and histogram display.
- Analyzing images:
A vast library of text, graphic and editing functions is available for labeling images. Special filters and professional particle analysis assist in more extensive investigation of images. All this makes it simple to obtain reliable and reproducible results quickly.
- Archiving:
analySIS® offers you a powerful, fully network-able, image-archiving system that handles all the images and data generated during the process of image acquisition and documentation. Images can be stored along with text, sheets and other graphics as records for complete documentation of tasks and processing steps. Input, display and query masks can be defined independently.
- Automatic report generation:
Now you can produce multi-page reports quickly and efficiently. Select multiple images in the image database and insert them all into the report via a single command. In addition to the images themselves, you can have information from any database field automatically included in reports. Automatic scaling, detail zooms, and more – all available to optimize the way you work with images. All documents generated using the analySIS® software can be inserted into reports. Use the report generator to print out images, related measurement sheets, and diagrams – all on the same page. This report generator provides you with the utmost flexibility for page layout and design. You set up your own templates exactly the way you want them to be. Templates need to be created just once. Templates are what your reports are based on and ensure that the appearance of your documents is uniform. Use the RTF Export function to export your reports to MS Word for continued editing.

Specifications of the CC-12:
- Image Device: 2/3 inch Color CCD Sensor (Effective area 8.9 x 6.7 mm array)
- Effective Pixels: 1376 x 1032 pixel, 6.45 um square pixels
- Frame Rate: > 22 fps @ 2x binning; 39 fps @ 4x binning 
- Binning: 2x, 4x
- Dynamic Range: 3 x 12 bit 
- Exposure: 100 us ~ 160 sec 
- Cooling: Peltier cooled, 10°C @ 25°C ambient
- Pixel clock rate: 20 MHz  
- Readout noise: < 2 counts  
- Non-linearity: < 0.6 % 
- Anti-blooming: > 300 
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 100 x 85 x 50 mm 
- Mass: 570 g
- Temperature monitor: CCD chip & housing  
- Temperature stabilized: ± 0.5°C 
- Interface Connector: FireWire (IEEE1394) 
- Lens mount: Standard C-mount

The whole System is very complete and includes the following items delivered:

- Olympus Microscope Body CKX41 (Frame: CKX41SF)
- Olympus 2x Eyepieces: WH10X/22, WH10X-H/22
- Olympus Phase Contrast Slider IX2-SLP
- Olympus Mechanical Stage
- Olympus Revolving Nosepiece with following objetives:
- Olympus Objectives: UPlanFL 4x/0.13 PhP, CAch 10x/0.25 PhP, LCAch 20x/0.40 PhP and LCAch 40x/0.55 PhP
- Olympus CC-12 Cam incl. USB Cable
- Olympus C-Mount Phototubus U-TV1X-2 / U-CMAD3
- Olympus analySIS FIVE-CD with software
- User Manuals for CKX41, Video/Photo adapters, analySIS Software
- Power Cord


The microscope and the cam are in excellent cosmetic condition. The optics are clean, the system is 100% functional tested and ready for your operations. It comes with Olympus Dust Cover.

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