PEAK NM30L Nitrogen Stickstoff N Generator for LC/MS/MS laboratory gas generator

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Manufacturer: PEAK

Model: NM30L Nitrogen Generator

S/N: A3-03-64


With 30L/min nitrogen producing models, with this Nitrogen Generator you can be provided with the high purity nitrogen gas for most LC-MS available in the market today. With membrane filtration housed in a wall-mountable, slender chassis, this gas generator filters out the other constituents of air to deliver a consistent and constant flow of nitrogen gas for LC-MS. This gas generator is a compressor-free gas generator which requires a clean source of in-house air to operate effectively. With very few moving parts, these generators are effectively silent in operation and need only minimal care to ensure continued high performance and extended product life.


- Nitrogen supply suitable for most LC-MS instruments
- Sample Evaporation


- Delivers nitrogen at up to 30L/min
- Capable of supplying the majority of LC-MS instruments
- 24/7 operation at optimum performance if required
- Highly economical source of nitrogen with low lifetime running costs
- Minimal set-up required
- Completely silent in operation


- Max Flow Rate (Nitrogen): 30 L/min
- Max Gas Outlet Pressure: 110 psi
- Min Inlet Air Quality: ISO8573 - 1:2010 Class 1.4.1
- Min/Max Air Inlet Pressure: 8.27 - 10.0 bar
- Max Pressure Drop: 8 psi
- Dew Point: -40°C
- Min/ Max Operating Temperature 5°C - 30°C
- Particles: < 0.01 µm
- Generator Dimensions (HxWxD): 760 x 470 x 160 mm

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- PEAK NM30L Nitrogen Generator


This Nitrogen Generator is in perfect cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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