Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100 ELS Evaporative Light Scattered HPLC Detector

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Manufacturer: Polymer Laboratories

Model: PL-ELS 2100 Evaporative Light Scattering HPLC Detector

P/N: 0860-0015

S/N: 004-200


The PL-ELS 2100 performs traditional HPLC detectors designed for liquid chromatography and analyzing non-chromophoric components in a sample. The main distinguishing feature is the ability to evaporate the solvent from the column eluent. ELS detection does not rely on the optical properties of the analyte. Thus, for a semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds, you achieve a signal that is proportional to concentration – a truly universal detector.


- High sensitivity for semi-volatile compounds
- Universal and more uniform response
- Complementary information for LC-MS
- Compact footprint and simple hook-up
- Unique breadth of operating range
- Quality results for good data
- Low temperature operation even for 100% water
- Extremely low dispersion for high resolution separations
- High eluent flow rates, up to 5ml/min
- Improved uniformity of response across a solvent gradient
- Rapid equilibration
- Extremely small footprint, stackable
- Ergonomic design
- Easy to use


- Light Source: LED 480 nm
- Detector:  Photomultiplier Tube
- Temperature Range:
Evaporator: Ambient to 120 °C
Nebuliser: Ambient to 90 °C
- Nebuliser Gas:
Typical inlet Pressure: 60-100 PSI
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 100 PSI
- Gas Flow Rate: Up to 3.25 SLM
- Eluent Flow Rate: 0.2 to 5 ml/min
- Analogue Output: 0-1V FSD
- Digital Output: 24bit (10Hz) via serial port
- Communications:
Serial I/O (RS232)
Contact Closure
- Operation: Graphical Vacuum Fluorescent display and keypad Windows based PC control
- Power Requirements: 220/250 V AC, 50/60 Hz
- Dimensions (w x d x h): 200 x 450 x 415 mm
- Weight: 11 kg

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- Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100 Evaporative Light Scattering HPLC Detector
- Power Cord


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