Quantachrome Micro Ultrapyc 1200e Automatic Gas Pycnometer Pyknometer 02112-1

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Manufacturer: Quantachrome Instruments

Model: Micro Ultrapycnometer 1200e T

S/N: 13810123001

MFG: 11/2011

Model No.: MUPY.30.T


The Ultrapyc 1200e Automatic Gas Pycnometer, p/n 02112-1, is used for measurement of true density and volume of solids. The Ultrapyc 1200e features automatic “repeat run” measurement mode until results fall within a user-specified tolerance or achieve a user-specified maximum number of runs. Appropriate expansion (reference) volume is automatically chosen by microprocessor according to sample cell selected. Reports include density and volume results with statistics. In addition, the instrument features a USB printer port, a second USB port for a flash/thumb drive, Ethernet port for PC (automatic operation via web browser) or network, RS232 balance interface, and a storage compartment.

Supplied complete with three interchangeable sample cells (10, 50 & 135 cc).

Performance Specifications:

Sample Volume: 0.1 - 135 cm3
Resolution: 0.0001 g/cm3

Accuracy and Reproducibility

- Large Sample Cell (135 cm3)
Accuracy - better than +/- 0.02%
Repeatability - better than +/-0.01%

- Medium Sample Cell (50 cm3)
Accuracy - better than +/- 0.03%
Repeatability - better than +/ 0.015%

- Small Sample Cell (10 cm3)
Accuracy - better than +/- 0.03%
Repeatability - better than +/- 0.015%

Analysis Time: Less than 1 minute per run.

3 Purge Modes:
- 1. Continuous flow with user selectable time; or
- 2. Pulse with user selectable number of pressurization/depressurization cycles; or
- 3. Vacuum for user selectable time with automatic valve configuration (vacuum pump supplied separately).

Flow/Evacuation Rates: User-selectable with precision needle valve.
Pressure Range: 1-20 psig

General Specifications:

Gas used: High purity helium or any suitable, non-corrosive gas regulated to no more than 20 psig (not supplied)
Cells supplied: 3: large, medium, small
Reference chambers: 2
Calibration spheres supplied: 4 (1x large, 1x medium, 2x small) in wooden storage case
Keyboard: alphanumeric entry
Display: 2-line LCD; shows parameters, pressure, temperature, results
Valve status: 5 x LED
PC/network communication port: Ethernet
Software: Communication for setup, analysis and reporting is browser-based
Balance interface: RS232
Printer port: USB
Data storage (internal): Non-volatile memory for reports (text format) and manual (pdf format)
Data storage (external): USB flash/thumb drive (not supplied)
Power Supply: DC external (100-240V universal power adapter supplied)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 31 x 54 x 22.5 cm

Items delivered:

- Quantachrome Micro Ultrapycnometer 1200e T
- Power Supply
- Operating Manual Folder
- Calibration Certificate
- Quantachrome GPL/LGPL Software CD
- Invoice from original Purchase in 12/2011
- Accessory Case with 3 different Sample Cells
- different accessories

The pycnometer is in very good cosmetic as well as technical condition and 100% functional tested.

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