R&S GF611U3 UHF Synthesizer for FHSS Model 701.6009.02

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One UHF Synthesizer

Manuf.: Rohde & Schwarz / GERMANY

Model: 701.6009.02

VN: 5865-12-199-8448 MOD 0


thsi is an UHF Synthesizer  Module for very special applications FREQUENCY HOPPING SPREAD SPECTRUM ( FHSS )   for MIL Applications  , but skilled user should be able to use it also for private and Amateur Radio by modify it accordingly

Furthermore the components inside are of highest standard and could be used separately ( see photo of opened module ).... the module will be delivered in its case ready to plug
Highest Frequency Stability generated by a TCXO from STC

the module is brandnew and out of Spare Parts Stock.......so it should work 100 %

we sell also the VD613 UHF Amplifier , 30 Watts for use with this synthesizer as LINEAR AMPLIFIER for FHSS

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