RESTEK Raptor FluoroPhenyl LC Column 2.7µm L43 100 mm X 3.0mm 80°C, 90Å 9319A1E

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Manufacturer: RESTEK

Model: Raptor FluoroPhenyl LC Column 2.7µm L43 100 mm X 3.0mm 80°C, 90Å

P/N: 9319A1E


  • Capable of both reversed-phase and HILIC separations.
  • Ideal for increasing sensitivity and selectivity in LC-MS analyses.
  • Offers increased retention for charged bases.
  • Part of Restek’s Raptor LC column line featuring 1.8, 2.7, and 5 µm SPP core-shell silica.
  • Switch to a Raptor FluoroPhenyl LC column when you need more retention and selectivity for basic and hydrophilic compounds than you can achieve on a C18.
  • Specifications:

Particle Size: 2.7 µm
Pore Size: 90 Å
Length: 100 mm
Internal Diameter: 3.0 mm
Stationary Phase Category: Pentafluorophenyl propyl (L43)
Ligand Type: Fluorophenyl
Particle: 2.7 µm superficially porous silica (SPP or "core-shell")
Carbon Load: 4% 
End-Cap: no
Surface Area: 130 m2/g
Recommended Usage:
pH Range: 2.0–8.0
Maximum Temperature: 80 °C
Maximum Pressure: 600 bar/8,700 psi

The column is in brand new condition, packed and sealed in box - never used.

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