ROLAND II X-Ray-Test-Set with DOSIMAX, DEDX-Detector, PEqu-Filter, Plate ETR-1

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one complete TEST SET for Constancy Tests of X-Ray - Units / DOSIMETRY

follow up NEW VERSION of the famous ROLAND , this test set complies with 96/29 EURATOM and 97/43 EURATOM RULES;

the complete TEST SET is consisting of:

- original special case for all instruments and accessories
- digital Display DOSIMETER , IBA- Model DOSIMAX
- patient equivalent filter with integrated DEDX
- Detector and accessories
- Cu- Filter. 1 mm thickness for X-Ray > 100 kV
- combined universal test plate Model ETR
- 1 with accessories, frames , window etc. for Imaging and X-Ray
- 4-feet Stand for positioning of test plate, patient equivalent
- filter etc.
- extensive documentation and manuals for complete test set and components ( in GERMAN )
- specifications of Digital Dosimeter Model : DOSIMAX:
- instrument work with DEDX ( included in Patient Equivalent Filter ) or DEMX

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