Retsch AS200 control g Vibratory Sieve Shaker Vibrationssiebmaschine + Sieves

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Manufacturer: Retsch

Model: Vibratory Sieve Shaker AS200 control „g“ incl. clamping lid, rods, quick-clamping element, test sieves, collecting pan, sieve lid

MFG date: 2002

P/N (Vibratory Sieve Shaker): 30.017.0001
S/N (Vibratory Sieve Shaker): 221206020

P/N (Universal clamping lid with small window): 32.481.0014
P/N (rods): 32.742.0009
P/N (Quick-clamping element): 32.737.0001
P/N (test sieve, 63 µm): 60.131.000063
P/N (test sieve, 90 µm): 60.131.000125
P/N (test sieve, 355 µm): 60.131.000250
P/N (collecting pan): 69.720.0050
P/N (sieve lid): 69.520.0051


The analytical sieve shaker AS200 control „g“ is used in research & development, quality control of raw materials, interim and finished products as well as in production monitoring.
The controllable electromagnetic drive offers an optimal adaption for every product.
Sharp fractions are obtained even after very short sieving times.
With its all-digital controls and calibration certificate the AS 200 control „g“ is indispensable for all users who attach importance to precision and operational convenience and need to comply with the guidelines of the ISO 9001.

The AS 200 control „g“ meets the highest standards in quality assurance and offers the microprocessor-controlled measuring and control system „AMPLIMATIC“, patented and unique throughout the world, for constant vibration.
It can be calibrated, and ensures for the first time 100% reproducibility of sieving results, and not only for one device, but all AS 200 control „g“ units one to another.
This provides the prerequisite for monitoring inspection, measuring and test equipment according to ISO 9000.
AS 200 control „g“ also meets all the requirements for a modern laboratory in terms of ergonomics.
All sieving parameters – vibration level, time, interval – are set, displayed and monitored digitally.
In place of the amplitude, the sieve plate acceleration „g“, which is independent of the mains frequency, can also be set.
With its integrated interface, the unit can be connected to a PC and driven through the evaluation software Graintest/Sievetest.
All sieving parameters are then set and selected on the VDU, changes even being displayed during the sieving operation.
With the evaluation program Graintest/ Sievetest it is thus possible to monitor the entire sieving process and the subsequent documentation: simply, comfortably and without error.
The AS 200 control „g“ is therefore indispensable for anyone who appreciates precision and user-friendliness and works according to the directives of GLP.

Application Examples: cement clinker, chemicals, coffee, construction materials, fertilizers, fillers, flours, grains, metals powders, minerals, nuts, plastics, sand, seeds, soils, washing powder.


- suitable for dry and wet sieving
- fulfils all criteria for measuring equipment related to ISO 9001
- calibration certificate
- easy operation, ergonomic design
- maintenance-free
- excellent separation efficiency even with short sieving times
- efficient electromagnetic drive
- 3-D throwing motion which ensures optimum use of the open sieve area and lets the sample move equally over the whole sieving surface
- setting of sieve acceleration "g" for comparable and reproducible sieving results worldwide
- free digital adjustment of all process parameters (time, amplitude or sieve acceleration, interval)
- memory for up to 9 SOPs
- interval operation


- Measuring range (depending on feed material and instrument configuration/settings): 20 µm - 25 mm
- Sieving motion: throwing motion with angular momentum
- Max. batch / feed capacity: 3 kg
- Max. number of fractions: 9 / 17
- Max. mass of sieve stack: 6 kg
- Amplitude: digital, 0.2 - 3 mm
- Sieve acceleration: 1.0 - 15.1 g
- Time display: digital, 1 - 99 min
- Interval operation: 10 - 99 s
- Storable SOPs: 9
- Suitable for dry sieving: yes
- Suitable for wet sieving: yes
- Serial interface: yes
- Including test certificate / can be calibrated: yes
- Suitable sieve diameters: 100 mm / 150 mm / 200 mm / 203 mm (8")
- Max. height of sieve stack: 450 mm
- Protection code: IP 54 / IP 20
- Electrical supply data: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
- Power connection: 1-phase
- W x H x D: 400 x 230 x 350 mm
- Net weight: ~ 30 kg
- Documentation Operation & Application Video
- Standards: CE

Items delivered:

- Retsch Vibratory Sieve Shaker AS200 control „g“
- Universal clamping lid with small window, for test sieves 100/150/200/203 mm Ø
- Rods, smooth, (2 pieces), for clamping device “comfort” AS 200
- Quick-clamping element, for clamping device “comfort” AS 200/300/400
- Sieve stack consisting of 6 stainless steel test sieves (ISO 3310-1), 200 mm Ø, 50 mm height (63 µm, 90 µm, 355 µm, 500 µm), collecting pan and sieve lid
- Power Supply
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The complete unit is in very good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested and ready for your application.






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