Roche Diagnostics LightCycler II Sample Carousel 20 µl Rotor Capillaries 32 Pos.

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Kategorie: Thermocycler (PCR / QPCR)

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Manufacturer:  Roche Diagnostics

Model:  LightCycler Sample Carousel 20 µl

The LightCycler Sample Carousel (20 µl) has 32 positions to hold LightCycler® Capillaries (20 µl). The LightCycler Instrument positions capillaries
(fitted into the sample carousel) precisely above the detection unit. The carousel is manufactured with a special plastic material (Peek), that is not only resistant
to the temperature changes that occur during the thermal cycling process, but also maintains shape and dimensions during the process, a prerequisite for precise
positioning and reproducible detection.

The carousel is in excellent cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested

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