SCANDITRONIX WELLHÖFER ROLAND II X-Ray-Test-Set Constancy X-Ray-Unit/ Film-Proc.

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A complete Test set for constancy tests of x-ray – units and film-processing.

The follow up NEW VERSION of the famous ROLAND II.
This test set complies with 96/29 EURATOM and 97/43 EURATOM RULES.

Items delivered:

- IBA Scanditronix Darklight Duo (microprocessor- controlled; with charging unit  Input 230 VAC Mains)
- IBA Scanditronix DOSIMAX (measuring range 1 uGy to 10 Gy)
- patient equivalent filter with DEDX – Detector
- Cu- Filter. 1 mm thickness for X-Ray- Tube Voltages > 100 kV
- combined universal test plate Model ETR – 1 with accessories, frames , window  etc. for Imaging and X-Ray
- 4-feet Stand for positioning of test plate, patient equivalent – filter etc.
- SCANDITRONIX Model: ad 15 th digital thermometer (-40°C to +120°C, accuracy :  0.1 °C for film processing)
- digital stop-watch HANHART sprint
- Manuals for complete test set and components ( in german)
- original special case for all instruments and accessories

The test set is in excellent cosmetic condition, probably never used, was  regularly checked and calibrated by IBA- WELLHÖFER – SCANDITRONIX
All instruments are 100 % functional.

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