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Manufacturer: Sartorius

Model: LA2200P Master Pro Series Precision Balance

S/N: 90104790


The new Sartorious Materpro LA precision and analytical balances offer you a  series that meet all metrology and application requirements, which go well  beyond routine laboratory weighing.

Standard features and equipment:

• Built-in, motorized calibration weight.
• The isoCAL function - it insures the consistently high accuracy of the balance  by performing fully automatic calibration and adjustment.
• As an additional feature ofisoCAL, youcan enter up to 3 calibration and  adjustment time settings, depending on your reqiurements.
• ISO/GLP-compliant printout; if desired you can activate a memory to store up  to50 ISO/GLP-compliant records in the balance.
• Backlit, high-contrast graphic display, with variable height of the digits.
• New operating design: display prompts in plain English or your choice of other  common languages to guide you in selecting the menu codes.
• LA analytical balances feature a monolithic weighing system, which means it  ensures especially stable weighing results and ultrafast weighs.
• The analytical draft shield chamber has particularly generous dimensions and  an easy-to-access weighing pan.
• Especially easy input of alphanumeric IDs for samples.
• User-configurable printout, allowing you, for example to have each weight  printed with the date and time, or your company address printed as a header.
• Bidirectional RS232 data interface.
• Modular design of the weighing cell and of the display and control unit.
• Powerful work-saving application programs:
• statistics, time-controlled functions, density determination, calculation,  counting, weighing in percent, checkweighing, formulation, totalizing, preset  tare, product data memory(can be combined with most applications), and animal  weighing, barcode reading connection.

Specifications Drive Unit:

Readability: 0.01g (400g), 0.02g (800g), 0.05g (2200g)
Maximum capacity: 2200 g
Repeatability =±g : 0.01 (400g)/ 0.01 (800g)/ 0.03 (2200g)
Linearity –/+: ± 0.002
Response time (avg.): = 1.5 s
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) in mm: 261 x 381 x 86 mm
Weighing pan in mm: 216 x 200 mm

The Balance has been extensively tested with a wide range of calibration  weights and is perfectly functional.

Items delivered:

- Sartorius LA2200P Master Pro Series Balance
- Power Supply
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The balance is in used but good cosmetic condition. There are 2 blacked out  lines on the top of the display/does not affect the function. 100% functional  tested.

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