Secomam UVIKON XS UV/Vis Spectrophotometer 190-1100 nm 1.8 nm 70/ 99-9028

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Manufacturer: Secomam

Model: UVIKON XS UV/Vis Spectrophotometer 190-1100 nm (without Software)

P/N: 70/ 99-9028


The UVIKON Simplicity Concept represents the first Spectrophotometer Series featuring Advanced Digital Signal Processing Technology. ADSP ensures reliable data acquisition, a superb sensitivity level to allow linear measurements even at high OD values, and a very low instrument noise. Uvikon XS in combination with the easy to use Windows compatible LabPower Junior software package supports the entire range of daily routine applications.


- 100% symmetric true double beam technology for high data precision and stability
- Total and easy access: front top and back covers are quickly removable
- Three point positioning of accessories for high reproducibility of results
- Quartz windows at the beam entrance and exit to the sample compartment prevent the optics from being contaminated
- Well proven true symmetric double beam optics with only 6 reflecting surfaces per beam
- High-Energy diffraction Zeiss™ Monochromator Design using a holographic blazed grating with 1300 lines per mm
- Very sensitive photodiode with a rotating all-reflective chopper mirror providing 100% energy in sample and reference beams plus dark current correction to achieve reliable data even in concentrated samples
- External source bench providing thermal insulation with optical bench and isolation of the whole photometric assembly against contamination by ozone emitted by deuterium lamp
- Optical bench base manufactured to a tolerance of 0.01 mm in 1 meter
- Complete optical system sealed against atmospheric contamination from dust and volatile compounds

Specifications :

- Range: 190-1100 nm
- Fixed 1.8 nm bandwidth
- Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 53 mm
- Weight: 50 Kg

Items delivered:

- Secomam UVIKON XS UV/Vis Spectrophotometer 190-1100 nm (without Software)
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail


This item is in very good cosmetic condition, it is fully functional but needs software to be operated.

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