Sigma 6-10 Laboratory Benchtop Centrifuge Fixed-Angle Rotor 6x500ml 6x Adapters

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Manufacturer: Sigma

Model: 6-10 Laboratory Benchtop Centrifuge 10870 and Fixed-Angle Rotor 12500 6x500ml w/ 6x adapters

P/N (6-10 Centrifuge): 10870

S/N: 46529

P/N (Fixed-Angle Rotor): 12500

YoM: 1995

Laboratory centrifuge 6-10 is a benchtop centrifuge for universal big volume use with max. spinnig capacity of 11000 rpm. Its simple operation is perfect for routine research use. Maintenance-free brushless drive motor is controlled by microcontroller. No changing of motorbrushes, no carbon dust, unknown extremely quiet operation. Magnetic rotor identification prevents overspeeding rotors. There are separate buttons at the front that are quick function options to start, stop, and open the lid. Time pre-setting/working timer can be set as follows: oo or up to 9h 59 min. 10 curves of deceleration and a specific rotor program. Speed range in steps of 10 rpm. Alternative pre-selection respectively inquiry of gravitational field also during operation. Memory and programms can be inputted on the membrane keypad.


- Max. speed/spinning capacity: 11.000 rpm
- Max. capacity: 3.000 ml
- Display: LED
- Kinetic energy: 100620 Nm
- Power: 1250 W
- Electric supply: 230 V/ 50-60 Hz
- Input fuse: 16 AT 
- Fixed-Angle Rotor 6x500ml w/ 6x adapters
- Max. speed: 8000 rpm
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 570 x 810 x 610 mm

Items delivered:

- Sigma 6-10 Laboratory Benchtop Centrifuge
- Sigma Fixed-Angle Rotor w/ 6x Adapters
- Documentation
- Instruction Manual


The Sigma 6-10 Centrifuge is in fair cosmetic condition due to its obvious age. The cosmetic condition has not hindered this centrifuge from working well. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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