Synbiosis ProtoCOL SR PROC-SR Colony Counter & Validation Kit Kolonie Zählgerät

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Manufacturer: Synbiosis

Model: ProtoCOL SR Colony Counter

S/N: PCSR/E199


It is reliable and fast and automated colony counting and zone sizing.
To achieve this level of automation, it is equipped with a unique colony detection system which combines special LED illumination and digital color camera control with powerful software.  It is used to count both colonies and plaques for a host of applications including food, dairy, beverages, hygiene, environmental, water, pains, toxicology, sterility testing, pharmaceuticals and fungal contamination. The system is equipped with a colour camera. By adding the optional colour analysis module, different coloured colony types can be counted simultaneously. It is equipped with stable, even illumination positioned both above and below the sample. Lighting can be software controlled to guarantee optimum colony detection even with non-transparent media.
Automatic sizing of zones surrounding disks or multipoint innoculations is simplified with ProtoCOL. The size of each zone is accurately measured and can be transferred to EXCEL in an instant. Measurements of 6 zones on a plate takes as little as 2 seconds. Zones can be measured on both petri dishes and larger bioassay plates. They can be measured singly or several at a time. As each plate is counted or each zone sized, results are instantly transferred to a results table in ProtoCOL's secure database. This can hold a reference to the sample image, eliminating transcription errors. The system is supplied with a fully integrated viewing, illumination and electronics unit. a crystal clear, colour image is delivered by the very latest digital camera technology.
It was designed to provide dedicated solutions for microbiological applications.


- Automatic plate reading, giving time savings of over 80%
- Accurate and efficient zone sizing
- Repeatability for all counts and measurements, avoiding the variability of manual methods
- Consistency of results guaranteed through the complete removal of manual data transcription requirements
- Accuracy of each analysis achieved using the most advanced systems available, totally dedicated to microbiology applications
- Quality assured through secure data handling and monitoring, meeting the most demanding requirements for GLP & QA


- Typical measurement time: 0.9 sec
- Resolution: For standard 90 mm petri dishes, smallest detectable colony > 0.2 mm. Zone sizing resolution > 0.05 mm
- Illumination: Upper incident light, bottom transmitted light and dark field using LED arrays
- Measurement modes: Pour plate, spiral plate, inhibition zone, antibacterial susceptibility
- Detection: Fully automatic with manual override
- Count modes: Separation of touching colonies; discrimination by area; excluded areas; individual manual count & exclude mode
- Dilution series: user defined dilution series
- Results: Display, storage and printing of up to 20 data items for each sample
- Image storage / retrieval: Storage of > 20,000 images on local hard disk
- Camera: Zero distortion colour CCD video camera with electronically variable shutter speed
- Camera lens: 6 mm high resolution f 1.2 - closed
- Power input: 240V 50/60 Hz
- Approx. weight: 15 kg
- Approx. dimensions: 452 mm x 380 mm x 452 mm

Items delivered:

- Synbiosis ProtoCOL SR, Colony Counter
- Validation Kit (4 Plates with matching serial numbers: WF/E199,PP/E199, ZM/E199, TS/E199)
- Plate holder
- Matt black filter
- Translucent filter
and some other accessories (please see pictures)
- ProtoCOL PAT Test Report (Date: 04.06.2007)
- ProtoCOL SR Test Certificate (Date: 04.06.2007)
- ProtoCOL Whole Frame Spiral Plate Validation Test Certificate (Date: 04.06.2007)
- ProtoCOL Pour Plate Validation Test Certificate (Date: 04.06.2007)
- ProtoCOL Zone Measurement Plate Validation Test Certificate (Date: 04.06.2007)
- ProtoCOL Two Sector Spiral Plate Validation Test Certificate (Date: 04.06.2007)
- ProtoCOL SR Validation Certificate (Date: 05.06.2007)
- User Manual


The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, 100 % functional tested and ready for your operations.

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