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Manufacturer: TEKA

Model: LMD 510 w/ Alsident Square Exhaust Hood

S/N: 200446

YoM: 2000


TEKA LMD 510 is a mobile portable high vacuum extraction with compressed air cleaning as well as stepless speed control. The installation is ideal for extracting and filtering welding fumes and dust at frequently changing workplaces, such as in shipbuilding, garages and welding workplaces for small workpieces. The filter cartridge stays in the installation, so that dust cannot get into the workspace when cleaning. The degree of separation is> 99%. The installation has an operating hour counter and an optical filter check. The dust is removed by means of a removable reservoir. With maintenance door, dust collection drawer and an  in the following version: 240 m3/h 1,1 kW 230V 50 Hz


- Flow: 240 m3/h
- Maximum statistical pressure: 22.000 Pa
- Current: 4,7 A
- Engine Power: 1,1 kW
- Frequency: 50 Hz
- Protection: IP 54
- AB: AU-000626
- Control Voltage: 230 V
- Termination Voltage: 230 V
- Current Type: 1Ph+N+PE

Items delivered:

- TEKA LMD 510 w/ Alsident Square Exhaust Hood


The Portable High Vacuum Particle Extractor is in a very good cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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