TKA Thermo Scientific GenPure UV-TOC x-CAD Plus Benchtop Model 08.2216 incl. ACC

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Manufacturer: TKA Thermo Scientific

Model: TKA Thermo Scientific GenPure UV-TOC x-CAD Plus Benchtop Model 08.2216 incl. accessoires
(Now available as Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus UV-TOC by Thermo Fisher Scientific; P/N 50136153)

MFG Date: 09/2009

Last maintenance: 01/2017

S/N: 7647/09


Ultrapure water is elemental to the success of your experiments.
But finding the right water system for your research goes deeper than water quality alone.
You need a smart choice that supports both your science and your budget.
One that reflects 130 years of innovations, like feed water monitoring, easy dispensing and effortless cartridge change-outs.
With a Thermo Scientific lab water system, the only thing you’ll have in your water is confidence.
This GenPure water purification system is a laboratory system and is used for treatment of water, and includes UV-photooxidation and TOC Measurement.
It delivers ultrapure water and allows simultaneous dispensing of up to three remote dispensers.
Ideal in shared lab spaces, this unit provides you with the control and flexibility to satisfy various requirements.
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoring:
- provides a real-time continual measurement of the actual level of organic substances present in the water
- continuously monitors UV intensity and removes risk of false TOC values caused by diminished UV intensity
- alerts user when UV lamp is insufficient for accurate TOC measurements
Integrated feed water monitoring measures water conductivity with measuring cell and immediately displays fault message if quality of feed water drops below set value.
It exceeds international standards ASTM Type I, ISO 3696 Grade 1, ASTM D1193 and CLSI-CLRW.
This system is designed to be installed and used in the following application areas:
Life Sciences:
-Molecular biology and microbiology
-Cell and tissue culture media
-Genomics (PCR, DNA, IVF)
-Proteomics (crystallography, electrophoresis)
-Immunology (monoclonal antibody production, blots)
-PCR, DNA sequencing
-Drug discovery
Analytical Chemistry:
-Organic and inorganic trace analysis
-Chromatography (HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS,IC,GC)
-Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP)
-Atomic Absorption (AA)
-Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Measurements
-Mass Spectroscopy (MS)


- Ergonomic design with tilting display and swivel arm
- Ultra-low organic levels
Benefits: UV oxidation is necessary for the removal of organics in the feed water, reduces organic levels to <5 ppb, and protects against microorganisms.
- Cell culture, monoclonal antibody production, electrophoresis
Benefits: Ultrafiltration removes pyrogens from the feed water.
- UV monitoring
Benefits: Photosensor continually checks the intensity of the UV lamp and reduces the risk of false TOC readings.
A decrease could result in an incorrect total organic carbon (TOC) measurement result.
- Feed water monitoring
Benefits: Feed water monitoring protects against crucial fluctuations that compromise purity.
- Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoring
Benefits: Real-time monitor of the amount of organic materials in the product water shown on the display.
- Volumetric Dispensing
Benefits: Dispense at the push of a button. Control from 0.01-65 liters with an accurancy of <0.5%.
- GenPure xCAD Plus remote dispenser
Benefits: Allows for full control of the system at the GenPure xCAD Plus remote dispenser.
- Optimal amount of water to use daily to sustain reasonable cartridge life (200 L/day)
Benefits: Expands with your laboratory and application needs. 
- Remote dispenser:
Benefits: Provides full system control and outstanding flexibility.


Notice: Check at regular intervals the quality of your feedwater.
- Demands the feedwater must fulfill:
Source: Pretreated by reverse osmosis, ion exchange or distillation
Clogging rate (SDI): max. 1 for all versions. A 1 µm membrane prefilter is recommended for water not pretreated by reverse osmosis.
Feedwater resistance: > 0.5 Mxcm
Free chlorine: max. 0.05 ppm
TOC: max. 50 ppb
Bacteria count: < 100 CFU/ml
Turbidity: < 1.0 NTU
Carbon dioxide (CO2): max. 30 ppm
Silicate: max. 2 ppm
Particles: Filtration to 0.2 µm is recommended for protection of the internal filter / final filter
Temperature: 2 - 35°C
Pressure: 0.1 - 6 bar or 1.45 to 87 PSI
- Product water quality:
Resistance (Reference temp. 25 °C): 18.2 Mxcm
TOC: 1 - 5 ppb
Bacteria: < 0.1 CFU/ml
Bacterial endotoxins: --
Particles: < 0.2 µm/ml
Performance (depends on the feedwater pressure): up to 2 l/min
- Dimension and weight GenPure System:
Heigh: 615 mm
Width: 372 mm
Depth: 337 mm
Weight: 24 kg
Notice: When the system is operating the system is by the amount of water about 3kg.
- Dimensions and weight remote dispenser according to a bench version:
Height: approx. 725 mm
Width: 260 mm
Depth: approx. 530 mm
Weight: 12 kg
- Electrical connections / external switched mode power supply:
Input voltage: AC 100 – 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, 2.0 A max
Output voltage: DC 24 V, 5.0 A max
System connection: DC 24 V, 80 W
Serial interface: RS 232
Performance: 90 l/h
Protection Class: Class II (external SMPS certified as Class I)
-Ambient conditions:
Operation area: Indoor rooms
Maximum altitude above sea level: Up to 2000 m
Temperature range during operation: min. +2°C, max +40°C, 80% rel. rH, non condensing
Temperature range storage: min. +2°C, max +60°C, 90% rel. rH, non condensing
Line-voltage variation: Not more than ± 10 % of the line voltage
Transient overvoltages: As usually occur in the supply network (overvoltage category II acc. to IEC 60364-4-443)
Notice: The rated level of transient overvoltage is the withstand impulse voltage acc. to overvoltage category II of IEC 60364-4-443
Ventilation requirements: There are no special requirements with regard to ventilation.
Degree of pollution: 2
- Materials of parts which contact water:
Pressure reducer: NBR = Acrylnitril Butadien Rubber
Pump head: Nylon with glass fiber
UV-Lamp: High-purity synthetic quartz
UV Housing: Stainless steel
Ultrapure cartridge: PP = Polyethylene
UF Housing: PC = Polycarbonate
Rinsing solenoid valve: PA = Polyamide
Dispensing valve: PET = Polyethyleneterephthalate
Conductivity measuring cells:  POM = Polyoxymethylen, stainless steel
Distributor block: POM = Polyoxymethylen
Distributor block: POM = polyoxymethylen
Connectors: POM = Polyoxymethylen
Hoses: PE = Polyethylene
O-Rings: EPDM = Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber

Items delivered:

- GenPure UV-TOC x-CAD Plus
- GenPure xCAD Plus remote dispenser (bench version)
- 2x cartridges
- 2x PE hoses
- 2x Sub-D extension cables
- Connecting Cord
- Instruction Manual
Fot further accessoires please see pictures


The entire system is in excellent cosmetical condition, 100% functional tested and ready to use.

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