TSI Laser Aerosol Spectrometer LAS Model 3340 New Calibrated from TSI 08/2019

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Manufacturer: TSI

Model: Laser Aerosol Spectrometer LAS Model 3340

S/N: 71201059


TSI’s Laser Aerosol Spectrometer Model 3340 is a general purpose aerosol particle sizer which combines ultra-high sensitivity and superior resolution with ease-of-use. This high performance workhorse measures complete size distributions in a tenth of a second over a size range of 0.09 to 7.5 µm easily and accurately. Configurable size channels enable users to zero in on a specific size range or match the resolution of another instrument.
The 3340 is a handy tool to have monitoring your filters or your processes, measuring in the lab, or sampling on field campaigns. It’s as useful as your primary aerosol tool, but the 3340 can also provide valuable supplemental information to aerosol measurements based on other sizing techniques (i.e. SMPS, APS, CPC, FMPS, etc).
The Laser Aerosol Spectrometer features an internal Windows® based PC loaded with Microsoft Office®. No need to procure and dedicate a laptop to operate your instrument.


Ultra-high Sensitivity & Superior Resolution:
- Dynamic size range: 0.09 to 7.5 µm
- Typical resolution within 2.5% of the particle diameter at 0.1 µm
- Wide concentration range: up to 18,000 particles/cm3
Ease of Use and Flexibility:
- 100 user configurable particle size channels
- User adjustable flow rate
- Intuitive LabVIEW™ based software
- Remote instrument access via Ethernet
State-of-the-Art Optical & Detection System:
- Patented wide angle optics and intracavity laser
- Highly sensitive photodetectors
- Automated gain ratio adjustment and laser reference compensation


The Laser Aerosol Spectrometer uses the intensity of light scattered from a laser to measure the particle size.
- Wide Angle Light Scattering: The wide angle light scatter collection resolves the Mie Scatter sizing issues associated with less sophisticated optical instruments. The instrument features a monotonic response with respect to light scattered intensity which allows the instrument to achieve precise resolution.
- IntraCavity Laser: The model 3340 uses a He-Ne laser with a novel intracavity laser design to achieve higher light scattering sensitivity at a lower laser power. You get a >1W laser at a 5mW price! This enables the Laser Aerosol Spectrometer to measure >50% of particles at 0.09 µm while at the same time boasting excellent laser lifetimes.
- Patented Optical Design: The patented optical design also prevents laser degradation issues due to contamination by using 1) parallel transmission surfaces, 2) a recessed intracavity optical surface, 3) carefully designed components to focus the in the viewing volume and 4) a sheathe flow scheme.


The model 3340 is calibrated with NIST traceable Polystyrene Latex (PSL) Spheres. PSL is the industry wide calibration aerosol of choice because it has properties close to many real world aerosols and is traceable to national standards throughout the world.
- Custom Calibration Option: If users would like to calibrate the model 3340 to a specific aerosol, a custom calibration can easily be performed. The calibration screen in the software allows users to quickly generate calibration data and automatically calculate the custom calibration curve.

Featured Applications:

The 3340 Laser Aerosol Spectrometer is suitable for a wide range of applications. A few are highlighted below:
- Filter Testing: The high resolution, wide concentration range, low end size detection limit and fast measurement time make the 3340 ideally suited for filter testing applications.
- Filter Efficiency Testing
- Disk Drive Filter testing
- Disk Drive Development and Research
- Indoor Air Quality: As a stand alone instrument, the Laser Aerosol Spectrometer provides highly resolved particle size information over a wide concentration range. Pair the 3340 with a CPC, and you can measure the nanometer size fraction (<100 nm) easily and in real-time.
- Atmospheric Research & Environmental Monitoring: The size range, measurement time, and lack of radioactive sources or working fluids make this a very useful instrument to fly in aircraft or to transfer from environmental sampling point to environmental sampling point.
- Inhalation Toxicology & Exposure Monitoring: Ease of use, fast measurement time and accuracy when measuring aerosols of a known composition make this a frequent application for the model 3340.

Additional Applications:

- General aerosol research
- Instrument calibration
- Biohazard detection
- Process monitoring
- Pharmaceutical research
- Powders and food products research
- Combustion and emission studies
- Spray analysis
- Condensation and nucleation studies


Particle Size Range: 0.09 to 7.5 µm
Particle Sizing Accuracy: Within =5% of particle diameter at 0.1 microns (typically within =2.5%)
Zero Count: <1 particle counted in 5 minutes (JIS standard)
Counting Efficiency: =50% at 90 nm
Particle Concentration Range:
- 18,000 particles/cm3 at 10 cm3/min.
- 3,600 particles/cm3 at 50 cm3/min.
- 1,800 particles/cm3 at 95 cm3/min.
- Number of Channels User-selectable, up to 100
- Sample Flow Rate: User-selectable, 10-95 cm3/min. ± 5%
- Sheath Flow Rate: 650 cm3/min. ± 5%
- Atmospheric Pressure: Correction Sample flow automatically corrected by internal flow controller.
Environmental Operating Conditions:
- Operating Temperature: 10 to 30°C (50 to 86°F)
- Operating Humidity: 10 to 90% RH non-condensing
- Operating Altitude: Sea level to 4,000 meters (13,000 ft)
Aerosol Medium: Designed for use with air. Do NOT use with pressurized, explosive, corrosive, toxic, or other hazardous gases.
Calibration Particles: NIST traceable Polystyrene Latex Spheres
Laser Source: Helium-Neon (HeNe) gas laser, 633 nm, >1W intracavity power
Detectors: Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) and PIN photodiode
Front Panel Display: 10” Color, 640 x 480 pixels
Operating System & Software: Windows®, executable VI (virtual instrument) based on LabVIEW 7.1 - generated executable, Microsoft Office®
Communication: 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45 female plug) for input/output; RS-232 for output only (9-pin D connector), USB port, for keyboard/mouse or solid-state memory devices, CD and 3.5” disk drives
Dimensions: 56 x 43 x 25 cm
Weight: 24 kg
Power: 240 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Items delivered:

- TSI Laser Aerosol Spectrometer Model 3340
- USB keyboard and mouse
- Accessories (please see pictures)
- Operation and Service Manual


This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition and has fresh calibration from TSI.  It is 100 % functional tested and ready to be applied.

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