Thermal Scientific Dionex UltiMate ISO-3100 SD Standard Isocratic Pump 5040.0011

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Manufacturer: Thermal Scientific Dionex

Model: UltiMate ISO-3100 SD Standard Isocratic Pump

P/N: 5040.0011

S/N: 8018838

YoM: 07.2009


For robust and dependable isocratic applications, the Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate ISO-3100 SD Standard Isocratic Pump is the pump of choice. Meet the demanding speed and ease-of-use requirements of QA/QC laboratories while making the most of equipment budgets. The wide flow rate range (50µL to 10mL/min.) provides maximum flexibility for detection techniques that do not support gradient elution, such as refractive index detection. Thermo Scientific SmartFlow technology ensures high flow rate and retention time precision.

This pump is recommended for standard isocratic applications such as those commonly used in QA/QC laboratories. The ISO-3100SD pump is also an excellent choice as an added pump for LC-MS systems, for example, to load a trap column prior to separation or to deliver MS-interface make-up flow.


- Robust, dependable performance
- Serial dual-piston operating principle
- Wide operating flow rate range from 50µL/min. to 10mL/min. with high flow rate accuracy
- Support of operating pressures of up to 62MPa (9,000 psi/620 bar)
- Patented piston seal leakage monitoring and system wellness functions
- Thermo Scientific SmartFlow technology for high flow rate and retention time precision
- Active rear-seal wash and floating pistons to maximize seal lifetime and pump uptime


- For Use With: 15-Pin D-Sub Connector for Solvent Rack/Degasser Connection
- Type: Isocratic
- Flow Accuracy: ±0.1%
- GLP Feature: Full support of Thermo Scientific Dionex AutoQ instrument qualification, qualification status and system wellness monitoring. All system parameters are logged in the Chromeleon Audit Trail
- Flow Precision: <0.05% RSD or <0.01 min SD, whichever is greater
- Max. Flow Rate: 10.0 mL/min.
- Min. Flow Rate: 0.001 mL/min (Recommended 0.05 mL/min)
- Pressure Range: 62 Mpa, 9000 psi
- I/O Interfaces: 2 digital inputs, 2 relay outputs
- No. of Eluent Lines: 1
- No. of Solvents: 1
- PC Connection: USB for PC connection, USB hub with 3 sockets integrated
- Pressure Ripple: Typically: <0.2 MPa or <1% whichever is greater
- Emission Sound Pressure Level: <70 dB(A) in 1-m-distance
- Mains: 200-240 V, 50 Hz
- Dimensions: (D x H x W): 51 x 16 x 42 cm
- Weight: 12.4 kg

Items delivered:

- Thermal Scientific Dionex UltiMate ISO-3100 SD Standard Isocratic Pump
- Instruction Manual as PDF vie E_Mail request


This isocratic pump is in excellent cosmetic and operating condition. The unit is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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