Thermo B 15 Compact Incubator with tinted, transparent cover Order-No. 50043619

Artikelnummer: 2012

Kategorie: Inkubatoren / Wärmeschränke

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Manufacturer: Thermo, Kendro, Heraeus

Model: B 15 Compact Incubator

P/N: 50043619 (Order-No.)

S/N: 40646094

The Thermo® B 15 Compact Incubator is ideal for a wide range of incubating, tempering, thermal storage and drying applications:

- in medical diagnostics for identifying bacteria, e.g. biochemical differentiation
- for testing the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics/chemotherapeutic substances, e.g. MIC test
- in genetics for mutagenicity tests, e.g. Ames test
- for bacteriological and serological tests
- for enzymatic tests, e.g. restriction analysis
- in the hygiene industry, e.g. food and environmental hygiene
- for quality control of raw materials and finished products in the food,  pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
- for tempering infusion- and rinsingliquids, contrast media and cell cultivation media
- for thermal storage of culture dishes and media
- for drying, e.g. dental instruments


Exterior dimensions (W/H/D)  340/270/431 mm
Interior dimensions (W/H/D)  270/205/288 mm
Total volume l 15
Temperature range °C TA +51) ? 50
Temperature deviation over time   K < ± 0.2
Spatial temperature deviation     K < ± 0.8
Net weight kg 5.5
Rated voltage/rated frequency V~, Hz 230, 50/60
Rated power kW 0.2

Items delivered:
- Incubator B15
- Power Cable

The cubator ist in good condition and fully functional tasted.

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