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Manufacturer: Thermo

Model: HERAcell 240i 6-Door CO2 Incubator incl. Half Shelf System in Stainless Steel

P/N 51027028: HERAcell 240i

S/N 41083644: HERAcell 240i

P/N 51900387: 6 interior glass doors, gas tight, for separate access for Heracell 240 with stainless steel casing

P/N 51900358: Half shelf system 6 half-width in place of 3 full-width in stainless steel

P/N 51026333: Heracell stainless steel inner chamber, 230 V, 50/60 Hz

P/N 51900387: 6 gas tight inner doors, six inner doors for segmented access

B3N262: O2 Sensor Set


Thermo Scientific Heracell i CO2 incubator provides the ideal in vitro environment: clean, reliable and easy to use, protecting your valuable samples while optimizing cell growth.
With the Heracell i, your valuable samples will be:
- Secured: Our innovative ContraCon moist heat decontamination technology is proven for simple and worry-free cleaning and operation.
- Protected: Proven contamination control is offered with our unique 100% pure solid copper interiors – antimicrobial protection on contact, naturally.
- Thriving: Designed to provide optimal growth conditions, delivering superior parameter recovery rates that enhance cell growth.
The Heracell incubators are renown for their accuracy, uniformity and quick recovery rates - attributes that contribute to optimal culturing conditions.
- High quality sensors are mounted directly within the chamber for precise environmental measurements.
- Highly efficient fan-assisted distribution of critical temperature, CO2 and humidity insures uniformity for all samples – no matter their location within the incubator.
Half-width shelves of this incubator can be used to subdivide the Heracell 240i's interior to reduce the possibility of mixing up samples, especially when there are multiple users.


- The unique ContraCon 90° C disinfection system, moist heat on-demand decontamination cycle has been proven effective by multiple third party testing labs against a wide range of contaminants including bacteria, molds, fungal spores and mycoplasma. No autoclaving or toxic chemicals are needed: operation is pushbutton simple, and does not require the removal of sensors or other components. ContraCon simplifies cleaning and eliminates variability in disinfection.

ContraCon has been independently proven to be effective against an assortment of commonly encountered contaminants, including:
Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus stearothermophilus (USP 23)
Enterococcus faecalis
Escherichia coli
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Staphylococcus epidermidis
Corynebacterium xerosis
Aspergillus niger

- The unique integral rapid response humidity water reservoir system provides a high relative humidity (rH) and allows rapid recovery of optimal humidity level after door openings. This pan-less system reduces handling and provides recovery rates up to 5x faster than traditional tray humidified incubators.

- iCAN (Interactive Control Access Navigator) Touchscreen Exclusive iCAN simplifies operation and enables rapid access of important information for each critical parameter in the incubator. iCAN provides trend analysis for convenient evaluation of your unit's performance.

- Worry free 24/7 protection against contamination - Thermo Scientific Heracell i incubators offer unmatched contamination prevention.

- Less means more when it comes to cleaning and maintenance: Heracell i incubators have a completely smooth inner casing with rounded corners, reducing unnecessary internal surfaces where contamnation can hide:
Faster, more effective cleaning and disinfection
Surfaces that can be easily contaminated, such as ceiling panels, air ducts and screws are avoided
High quality electropolished stainless steel finish

- Sensor accuracy: (+/-) 0.1° C
- Range: 3° C above ambient to 55° C
- Readability and setability: 0.1° C
- Uniformity: (+/-) 0.5° C
- Decon cycle temperature: 90° C (moist heat)
- Decon cycle length: 25h for complete cycle (90° C hold for 9h)
- rH range: >90% @ 37° C
- rH source: 4.5 L (4.75 qt) pan-less reservoir
- Fill amount/water quality: max. 4.5 distilled/autoclaved and demineralized
- CO2 range: 0–20%
- Control (readability and setability): 0.10%
- Gas inlet pressure required:  13–15 PSIG (0.8–1 bar)
- O2 control accuracy: (+/-) 0.2%
- O2 range: 1–21% or 5–90%
- Readability and setability: 0.10%
- O2 sensor type: Zirconium oxide
- Gas inlet pressure required: 13–15 PSIG (0.8–1 bar)
- Interior chamber: stainless steel
- Shelves, fan impeller: stainless steel
- ContraCon decontamination routine: verified by accredited laboratories
- Decontamination phase, on all surfaces: 90/9 °C/hrs
- Period (ambient temperature 20°C): 25 hrs
- Efficiency spectrum: bacteria, fungi, spores (USP 23), bacteria, fungi, spores (USP 23), mycoplasma
- Construction: Stainless steel, perforated
- Shelves half width (w x d): 260 x 500 mm
- Chamber capacity/Internal volume: 240L
- Internal dimensions (w x h x d): 60.7 x 67.0 x 58.3 cm
- External dimensions (w x h x d): 78.0 x 93.4 x 83.4 cm
- Voltage/frequency/current: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2,8 A 0,64 kW
- Alarm contacts: Standard

Items delivered:

- Thermo HERAcell 240i 6-Door CO2 Incubator incl. Half Shelf System in Stainless Steel


The Thermo HERAcell 240i 6-Door CO2 Incubator is in very good condition - working, technical and cosmetic. It is fully functional being 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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