Thermo Heraeus HERAsafe HS18 Sicherheitswerkbank Safety Bench Hood Cabinet 1,8m

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Kategorie: Sicherheitswerkbänke (Klasse II)

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Manufacturer: Thermo Heraeus

Model: HS18 1.8 Microbiological Safety Cabinet Class II

We install new filter on request - please let us know!


The Heraeus® HERAsafe Safety Cabinet HS18 is used in environments where high levels of protection and safety are required. Whether in biotechnology, microbiology, genetics or research, whether in laboratories, pharmacies, clinics or hospitals – the carefully perfected overall concept of these safety cabinets pays off in practice. Safely.


- Motor-driven aerosol tight front window
- Electronical Monitoring system
- User friendly
- Clean air in the work chamber supply
- H 14 HEPA filter
- Negative pressure encapsulation
- Maximum protection
- Exceptionally economical


External dimensions: 1902 x 1425 x 940 mm
Internal dimensions: 1800 x 650 x 630 mm
Opening to work area: 1800 /~200 mm
Lifting height of front window: ~500 mm
Input dimensions: 1900 x 1425 x 940
Minimum door opening: 770 mm (window frame and back panel dismantled)
Dimensions of support frame: 1902 x 680± 20 x 800 mm
working height: 785 mm ± 20
Weight: approx. 270kg
Loading capacity of the work surface: 50kg continuous- | 25kg segmented work surface
Exhaust air/fresh air supply volume: ~710 m³/h
Air circulation volume: ~1660 m³/h
Total re-circulated air volume: ~2370 m³/h
Holding Power at 25 °C room temperature: ~0.75 kW
Air circulation/exhaust air filter: H 14 HEPA (in acc. EN 1822)
Additional AEF: 99.999% at 0.3 µm particles
Noise pressure level: <60 dB (A)
Lighting power: > 1000 lx

Itemds delivered:

- Thermo Heraeus HS18 Safety Cabinet/Bench
- Instruction Manual

The HS18 Safety Cabinet is very good cosmetic as well as technical condition. 100% functional tested.
Ready for it's duties.

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