Thermo Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGM OneTouch 2 + Torrent Server 5.2

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Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific / Life Technologies

Model: Ion Torrent PGM (508-U001)

S/N: 25080414 (Year Oct/2012)

Fresh Maintenance before stored in. Maintenance report is avialable on request.


• Delivers the fastest run times of any next-generation sequencer, enabling a single-day workflow
• Supports three semiconductor chips with a range of prices and outputs for flexible and scalable projects
• Generates highly accurate 200 base reads with the majority of bases at =Q30
• Requires the lowest capital investment for the greatest research impact
• Is supported by a global community of users and
developers—the Ion Community


Construct Library - 2 hours
Prepare Template - 4 hours
Run Sequence - 1.5 hours
Analyze Data - 0.5 hours
Total Run of 8 hours!


DNA sequencing  
• Small genome sequencing
• Gene sequencing
• Exome sequencing
• Mitochondrial sequencing
• HLA sequencing
• SNP confirmation
• Library assessment
• 16S metagenomic sequencing
• ChIP sequencing
• Methylation analysis
• De novo sequencing

RNA sequencing
• Gene expression by sequencing
• Small-RNA sequencing
• Whole-transcriptome sequencing for lowcomplexity genomes

Library types
• Single end reads
• Paired end reads
• Mate paired reads
• Barcoded libraries

Area of interest
• Agricultural research
• Cancer research
• Forensic science
• Stem cell research
• Epigenomics
• Metagenomics
• Ancient DNA genomics

Items delivered:
- Thermo / Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGM
- Torrent Server  (Torrent Suite Version 5.2.1) (P/N 4462918)
- 2x Ion OneTouch 2
- Accessories, Connection Cables, etc.
- Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

The Unit is just maintained before stored in. The Ion Torrent PGM works just fine and is in perfect condition.
Maintenance report avialable on request.

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