Thermo / Matrix CellMate II Dispenser Pipette Pipettor transparent 5-100 ml

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Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific / Matrix

Model: CellMate II Pipette (transparent)

P/N: 9501


CellMate II is an innovative, intuitive, lightweight, cordless pipettor for use with glass or plastic serological pipets. Easy and comfortable to operate, it features a heavy-duty rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is guaranteed for life and allows the pipettor to operate approximately three to four times longer between charges than typical units using nickel cadmium batteries.

Features and benefits:

- Lifetime guaranteed lithium-ion battery offers long runtime per charge and no battery memory problems
- Lightweight, ergonomic design allows longer, fatigue-free pipetting.
- Separate aspirate and dispense speed controls affords precise control over pipetting speeds and reduces risk of overpipetting with smaller pipets.
- Fully autoclavable nosecone housing simplifies disenfecting and decontamination.
- Large backlit LCD display provides visual confirmation of remaining battery charge and speed settings.
- Customizable ID area permits easy recognition of ownership and/or task designation.
- 1mL pipet stabilizer prevents 1mL pipets from wobbling or coming loose from nosecone.

Items delivered:

- Thermo Scientific / Matrix CellMate II Pipette
- Wall-Mounted Holder
- Table-Mounted Stand
- Power Supply and Adapter


The CellMate Pipette is in very good cosmetic condition, fully functional and ready to be applied.

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