Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Thermostatted Autosampler WPS-3000 TSL

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Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific Dionex

Model: UltiMate 3000 Analytical Split-Loop Thermostatted Well Plate Autosampler WPS-3000 TSL

P/N (UltiMate 3000 WPS-3000 TSL): 5822.0020

P/N (Sample Loop 100 µL, Viper (V=130µL)): 6820.2451

P/N (Viper Capillary Fitting, ID x L 0.18 x 450 mm, SST): 6040.2365

S/N (UltiMate 3000 WPS-3000 TSL): 8018579

YoM: 07.2009

Last Serviced: 08.2016

Firmware: 4.13

Bootloader: 3.01


The UltiMate 3000 Analytical Autosampler WPS-3000 TSL is a high-quality injection module designed for HPLC analysis as part of a Dionex UltiMate 3000 system. The module was developed especially for HPLC applications, offering high availability and reproducibility, even with lowest injection volumes. The design has been optimized for minimum dead volume and maximum efficiency. The autosampler performs equally well as a flexible and reliable module for routine analysis and sophisticated research tasks. The autosampler is highly versatile in sample format and injection volume. It performs rapid, accurate, and precise injections for conventional LC and UHPLC applications up to 62 MPa (9000 psi). The in-line split-loop (or flow-through) injection design (needle and sample loop integral to the high-pressure fluidic path) and external needle wash options virtually eliminate carryover.

It is equipped with temperature control for sample thermostatting, with electronic Peltier elements that cool or heat the carousel and all its components to the desired temperature, thus allowing precise equalization of the sample temperature. Additional supplies such as cooling water, compressed air, etc. are not required. The autosampler with sample thermostatting option allows sample cooling by max. 22 K from the ambient temperature. The lower temperature limit is +4 °C. In addition, the samples can be warmed to max. +45 °C.


- Injection volume precision typically <0.15% RSD for 5 µL injections
- Superior injection-volume linearity of r²=0.999 (5–90 µL) due to a high-precision drive mechanism
- Low gradient delay volume of 140 µL (default configuration) or 50 µL (with 25 µL sample loop)
- Superior volumetric accuracy of better than ±0.5% for consistent results
- Supports an injection volume range from 1–100 µL, suitable for most analytical applications
- Optional injection volume ranges of 0.2–25 µL, 1.5–200 µL, and 1.5–500 µL available
- Supports well plates and short injection cycle times for high-throughput applications
- Sample thermostatting for optimal protection of thermally sensitive analytes
- The UltiMate 3000 Analytical Autosampler offers robust, dependable performance and high flexibility with low operating and maintenance costs. It is ideally suited for routine analyses in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental laboratories.


- For Use With: UltiMate 3000 Series
- Type: Thermostatted
- Injection Cycle Time: <15 sec.
- Injection Volume Precision: <0.25%
- Injection Volume Range: 0.01 to 500 µL
- Injection Type: Split Loop
- Sample Capacity: 3 racks or wellplates
- Max. Pressure: 620 bar/9000 psi
- Linearity: >0.9999
- Carryover: <0.004%
- Weight: 23 kg

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- Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Analytical Split-Loop Thermostatted Well Plate Autosampler WPS-3000 TSL
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The item is in excellent cosmetic as well as operating condition being 100% functional tested. It is ready for you to use.

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