Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend RT+ Refrigerated Centrifuge Zentrifuge 3L 4x750

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Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Model: Sorvall Legend RT Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge + Rotor
P/N: 75004373

S/N: 40869989

YoM: 2008


The Thermo Sorvall Legend RT+ Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge is a general-purpose tabletop centrifuge for biotechnological and pharmaceutic research that moves high capacity centrifugation onto the fast track. It offers remarkable user-friendly capabilities, including an easy-to-read digital display and easy user control of all centrifuge capabilities. With a low height, the Sorvall Legend RT+ makes rotor loading and unloading effortless. This refrigerated benchtop centrifuge has a max g-force of about 24,400 x g’s and features a timer that can be set at points as low as 1 min all the way to time periods lasting up to 9 hours and 59 minutes. With a temperature range of -9° to +40°C, the Sorvall Legend RT+ is the perfect centrifuge for any laboratory situation.
It spins more tubes, at higher RCFs, more rapidly than competitive instruments, and can process nominally three liters of sample in a single run. The user-friendly QUIKset control panel permits easy selection of speed, RCF value, run time and deceleration profile, as well as temperature of the Legend RT. You can switch from speed to RCF display and vice versa, with a touch of a button and even during a run.

The Legend is equipped with a number of safety systems:

- Housing and lid is constructed of 8 mm steel
- Lid with window
- Lid lock with safety check
You can open the centrifuge lid only when the power is turned on and the rotor has come to a stop. You can start the centrifuge only if the lid is properly locked.
- Automatic rotor identification
- Electronic imbalance detection as a function of rotor (SMARTspinTM)

Basic unit/function: Description/feature:

- Cabinet/frame: galvanized steel
- Chamber: stainless steel
- Drive: Brushless induction drive
- Key pad and display: key pad and display elements covered by an easy-care continuous surface
- Control: Microprocessor driven by QUIKset
- Main memory: Recalls last run parameters
- Advanced features: RCF-programming, quick run, pretemp, temperature control during standby
- Deceleration profiles: 3 deceleration profiles
- Rotor identification: automatic
- SMARTspin imbalance detection system: electronic, effective as a function of rotor and speed
- Soft touch lid lock: motor assisted lid locking


Max G-force: 24,400 x G
Max Capacity: 4 x 750 ml
Max Speed: 15 000 rpm (rotor-dependent, adjustable in steps of 10)
Min Speed: 300 rpm
Max RCF 21 885 (micro liter rotor)
Run Time:
- standard mode: 1min – 9 h 59 min, hold = permanent
- extended mode: 1min – 99 h, hold
Max Kinetic Energy: 62.5 kNm
Noise at Max Speed: < 55 dB (A)
Temperature Set Range: -9 °C to +40 °C
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Nominal Current: 10.6 A
Power Consumption: 1900 W
Fuse Protection of Building: 16 AT
Dimension (H x W x D): 362 x 733 x 666 mm

- Sorvall Heraeus Swinging Bucket Rotor (P/N: 7500 6445):
max.4600 rpm

- Round Buckets 750 ml (P/N: 7500 6441 H):
max. load 4 x 800 g
max. 4600 rpm
autoclavable 121 °C

- Centri-Lab Adapter type C: 4 x 50 ml DIN, green (P/N: 7500 8140):
Max. tube dimensions: 34.5 x 125 mm
Cap diameter: 39 mm
Tubes per Rotor: 16

- Carriers for microplates (P/N: 7500 6449):
max. load 4 x 500 g
max. 4600 rpm
autoclavable 121 °C

!!! Please NOTE: this offer comprises only the rotor itself. For purchasing of bucktes, adapters and carriers contact us please !!!

Items delivered:

- Thermo Fisher Scientific Sorvall Legend RT Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge + Rotor
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


This Centrifuge is in used but very good cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested, runs as intended and is ready to be applied.

Hersteller: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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