Van der Heijden KÜHLMOBIL 221 210 311 312 3,9KW Umlaufkühler Prozessthermostat

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Manufacturer: Van der Heijden

Model: KÜHLMOBIL 221-B400 Refrigerated Circulator / Chiller / Cooler Process Thermostat


Today, many institutes already have their own cooling water supply. This cooling water is generally too cold to cool a laser or an electronical microscope or the water quality may be of a poor quality. As a system separator, the KÜHLMOBIL offers the ideal solution for such problems and has very small dimensions. It operates without a compressor and consequently without any refrigerant – only the feed pump requires energy, as the refrigerant output uses the domestic water system. It is a mobile unit with plug-in connections. The container is easy to fill thanks to the large filling holes on the top of each cooling unit. Screwable covers with sealing rings tightly seal off the water side. Evaporation rates are very low. The amortisation times are relatively short since the KÜHLMOBIL saves significant amounts of water per year.


- 100 % water savings
- No sewage costs
- Extremely short amortisation periods
- Constant water quality, also available as distilled water model
- Constant water pressure, adjustable, if necessary
- Proper cooling water temperature, the formation of condensation on pipework can be prevented during the summer
- Constant cooling water temperature
- Large choice of options
- Smallest surface area with highest cooling performance
- Mobile (on wheels)
- Infinitely variable temperature selection
- Casing made of 2 mm thick epoxy resin coated aluminium sheeting
- Directly accessible electrical circuit boxes by key (from size 1 on)
- Easily Handling
- Relative noiseless
- Serviceable


- Cooling capacity of water outlet
at 20 °C: 3900 Watts
at 10 °C: 3200 Watts
at 0 °C: 2100 Watts
- Max. pressure 4,5 bar
- Max. volume: 40 l/min.
- Reservoir/Volume: 100 l
- Quick lock coupling: 1/2" K
- Current: 400 V/50 Hz/3
- Castors: 125 Ø mm
- Size: 2
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 680 x 730 x 1520 mm
- Weight: 181

Control Module B400:

- Light O-LED display
- Easy care and hygienic operating area
- Capacitive touch technique with acoustic confirmation
- Easy reasonable control element, menue guided and multilingual
- Acoustic alarm with reset function
- Only keys with available function are displayed
- Display of error messages with explanation about reason and removal
- Quick recognizability of state of function with moving symbols
- Display parameter without key code
- Display of actual and target temperature simultaneously
- Interface with voltage free contact for collective alarm
- PID control characteristic for high temperature constancy of the water flow temperature
- Serial number available at the display
- Display in °C or Fahrenheit with resolution 1/10° possible
- Electronic calibration
- Delayed pump switch-off for after-cooling possible
- Drive of 3 different pumps within one device possible
- Digital flow dectector in l/min by pressing a button (as option)
- RS 232

Items delivered:

- Van der Heijden KÜHLMOBIL 221-B400 Refrigerated Circulator Cooler
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The unit is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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