Vilber Lourmat Peqlab FUSION SL Gel Chemiluminescence Documentation System 2012

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Manufacturer: Vilber Lourmat / Peqlab

Model: Fusion SL Gel/Chemiluminescence/Fluorescence Imaging System

Year: 2012 (Retailed over 25,000.- EUR)

Versatile high sensitivity chemiluminescence system with "scientific grade"  PCI-EXPRESS CCD Camera, brightest fixed lens, unique Peltier based double  cooling system (-42°C absolute) and manual filter wheel.

Features FUSION Imaging Systems:

Chemiluminescence Detection
Chemiluminescence has become the standard method for specific nucleic acid and  protein detection. With its outstanding sensitivity this method has largely  replaced imaging procedures using radioactive labels. Due to small target molecule quantities, the amount of  light emitted during a chemiluminescent reaction is typically very low and its  detection requires highly sensitive and specialised optics as well as optimised signal processing  mechanisms to record even the faintest signals.

High Sensitivity
Sensitivity is the key property of a chemiluminescence system and depends on the  careful selection of various hardware components which must operate in perfect  harmony.
One important determinant of sensitivity is the quantum efficiency of the light  sensor in the spectral range of chemiluminescent substrates ( QE, efficiency of  the transformation of light quants in to electrical charge). Further important actors with impact  on sensitivity are light transmittance of the camera optics as well as the  distance between object and detection unit. FUSION is a synonym for chemiluminescence imaging systems  with unparalleled sensitivity thank to perfect tuning of a multitude of factors.

Low Noise Level
In order to gain the benefit of sensitivity, background noise must be kept to  minimum to prevent loss of weak signals. Background noise originates primarily from two sources: by a thermally driven process spontaneously releasing electrons from conductor  material and during readout of the CCD light sensor. FUSION systems are  characterised by an extraordinary low system noise level achieved by an exclusive double cooling system and  continuously optimised camera electronics and readout mechanisms.

Image Integrity without Compromise
Raw image date, unmodified and unaltered is the purest basis for image analysis  and with the FUSION range of systems, data integrity is carefully managed and  maintained to offer untainted accuracy of results.

FUSION SL Features:

? Outstanding sensitivity with all commonly available chemiluminescence  substrates
? Precise signal quantifications thank to tue 16 bits imaging (65,536 grey  levels) and 4.2 megapixel
? Maximum light transmittance: brightest fixed angle lens (f 0-95) and minimum  object distance (< 20cm)
? Wide dynamic range of 4.8 orders of magnitude for the documentation of strong  and faint signals in the same image
? Lowest noise level through exclusive double cooling system (Delta T= -67°C)  and optimised readout mechanisms
? Maximum light transmittance: brightest fixel ange lens with manual filter  wheel
? Absolute image integrity, unmodified raw image data for scientific analyses
? Included imaging software with innovative image acquisition modes for  excellent results on the first run
? Upgradeable for maxum flexibility with UV transilluminators, camera filters,  STARLIGHT modules, SUPER-BRIGHT illumination technology and UV/WL or UV/Bluelight  Conversion Screens

The whole system comes with 3 inserts for the filter wheel (as pictured) and  with a computer system with preinstalled FUSION Software.

Items delivered:

- Vilber Lourmat / Peqlab FUSION SL Gel/Chemiluminescence/Fluorescence Imaging  System
- Computer with mouse & keyboard (without monitor)
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual to find on the computer

The FUSION SL Imaging System is in good cosmetic and technically condition  and 100% functional tested.

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