Wavetek / Pacific Measurements 12868 Power Detector Cable 1MHz-18GHz

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Manufacturer: Wavetek / Pacific Measurements USA

Model: Power Detector Cable 12868


This Power Detector Cable allows power detectors with BNC Jack output connectors to be connected to Pacific Measurement Model 1038 Measurement System. It is useful for connecting to various RF crystal detectors supplied by several manufacturers. It is also useful for connecting to Return Loss Bridges which include a detector as part of the RF structure. The BNC input connector is fastened to a metal block which includes a temperature sensing thermistor and a low-pass filter. The thermistor allows the circuits of the Model 1038 System to compensate for the temepraturedependant characteristics of the detector: The low-pass filter removes leakage RF signals from the detector output, thus assuring that the signal from the detector will not be affected by resonances in the interconnecting cable. Detectors with negative output voltages must be used with the Model 1038 Measurement System.

Model Number: 12868
Connector: BNC Female
Frequency Range: 1 MHz - 18 GHz
Max. Input 5V
Length: 1,2m (4 ft)

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- Power Detector Cable 12868

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