X-Rite DTP51 AutoScan Colorimeter Spectrophotometer Spektralfotometer

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Manufacturer: X-Rite

Model: DTP51 Auto Scan Colorimeter

S/N: 001175


The X-Rite DTP 50 Series of colorimeters are automatic strip reading instruments. Theyemploy a pattern recognition technique that extracts data from a measured strip, and in mostcircumstances, transmits it to a computer. The extracted data is setup and defined by the user.- The DTP51 has a D50 2o reflection response and is used in the calibration, linearizationand characterization of color output devices such as ink jet, thermal transfer, and dyesublimation color printers.- The DTP52 has both a D50 2o reflection response and a D50 2o transmission response. It is used to calibrate color film recorders in addition to the functions provided by the DTP51.

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