Zeiss Axioplan 2 Imaging Fluorescence Microscope Neofluar DIC AxioCam HRc

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Manufacturer: Zeiss

Model: Axioplan 2 Fluorescence Phasecontrast Microscope with Plan-NEOFLUAR & DIC & AxioCam HRc


The Zeiss Axioplan 2 is an upright epi- fluorescent microscope that interphases with Zeiss’s Axiovision 4.8.2 software.

This microscope system is fully automated in its ability to acquire, fluorescent, bright field, phase contrast and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) images.

Complete Configuration:

- Zeiss Axioplan 2 Base/Stand
- Zeiss Binocular Ergo Phototube equipped with 2x Pl 10x/25 Widefield Eyepieces (P/N: 444034)
- Zeiss C-Mount Phototube Adapter (P/N: 456105)
- Zeiss AxioCam HRc Color including Interface Card for Computer (P/N 412-312)
- Zeiss Sextuple Motorized Nosepiece / 6-Place-Nosepiece equipped with the following objectives:
 - Zeiss Plan-NEOFLUAR 1,25x/0,035 Objective (P/N: 440300)
 - Zeiss Plan-NEOFLUAR 5x/0,15 Objective (P/N: 440320)
 - Zeiss Plan-NEOFLUAR 10x/0.30 Objective (P/N: 440331)
 - Zeiss Plan-NEOFLUAR 20x/0.50 Objective (P/N: 41004-989) + DIC Slider
 - Zeiss Plan-NEOFLUAR 40x/0.75 Objective (P/N: 440351) + DIC Slider
 - Zeiss Plan-NEOFLUAR 63x/1.25 Oil Objective (P/N: 440461)
- Zeiss Motorized Reflector Filter Cube Turret equipped with following Reflector FL Cubes:
 - Fluorescence Filter Cube BP546 FT580 LP590 (1046-281)
 - Fluorescence Filter Cube BP365 FT395 LP397 (1046-281)
 - Fluorescence Filter Cube BP5450-490 FT510 LP515 (1046-281)
 - Optovar module 1.6x (1046-283)
 - Analyzer module D (1050-958)
- Zeiss HAL 100 Halogen Illumination 12V 100W
- Zeiss HBO 100 illuminator with collector with transmitted light source (P/N: 447217)
- Zeiss Mechanical stage 75 x 50 / 240° R with ceramic coating
- Zeiss Achromatic-aplanatic universal condenser 0.9 H D Ph DIC (P/N: 445439)
- Zeiss Transmitted-light filter slider with Lightstop, BG38 Filter and lightpass (P/N: 452174)
- Power Cord


The microscope is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition.

Hersteller: Carl Zeiss
Versandgewicht: 100,00 Kg

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