Zeiss Axiovert S 100 Fluorescence Fluoreszenz Phase Contrast Microscope HBO50

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Manufacturer: Zeiss (Carl Zeiss Microimaging GmbH)

Model: Axiovert S 100 Inverted Fluorescence / Phase Contrast Microscope with motorized XYZ Stage


This Axiovert microscope is equipped with a motorized x-y stage, allowing to view specimens in various types of tissue culture dishes and microtest plates.
This microscope is equipped with standard binocular observation, as well as the capability to be equipped for photomicrography and microscope photometry.
The Axiovert S100 has camera tube to it's left side, which allows for easy connection of a microcope camera. This model also comes with an Optovar slider for quick magnification change.The stand for the Axiovert S 100 series features an integrated Optovar turret for additional magnification without changing the objective.

Complete Configuration of the Zeiss Axiovert S 100 Microscope:

Zeiss Axiovert S 100 Base Stand
Zeiss Binocular Tube equipped with Eyepeices E-Pl 10x/20 Br
Zeiss Camera Tube Adapter (P/N 456105)
Zeiss LD Condenser 0.55 equipped with H Ph1 Ph2 Ph3 and aperture
Zeiss Carrier for transmitted light illumination with HAL 12V 100W Illumination
Zeiss Sextuple Nosepiece equipped with the following objectives:
Zeiss CP-Achromat 10x/0.25 Ph1 8/- (P/N 440931)
Zeiss Plan NEOFLUAR 5x/0.15 Ph1 8/0,17 (P/N 440321)
Zeiss Plan NEOFLUAR 10x/0.30 8/0,17 (P/N 440331)
Zeiss LD A-Plan 20x/0.30 Ph1 8/1.0 (P/N 1006-591)
Zeiss Plan NEOFLUAR 20x/0.50 Ph2 8/0.17 (P/N 1004-989)
Zeiss Fluorescence Filter Slider (P/N 451366) equipped with the following filters:
- I   450-490 / FT510 / 515-565
- II  G365 / FT395 / LP420
- III BP546 / FT580 / LP590
Zeiss Fluorescence Illumination with HBO 50 Lamphouse and HBO 50W short-arc mercury lamp (brand new)
Slider with 3 Positions Lightpath Block / BG38 red-attenuating filter / free aperture 25mm dia

Motorized XYZ Stage Equipment:

Prior Scientific Motorized Scanning Stage H107X135
Prior Scientific Proscan for Manipulation of X, Y and Z Axis
Prior Scientific XYZ Joystick CS152DP/A

The Zeiss Axiovert S100 is in good cosmetic condition, optics are clean and it?s fully functional tested.
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