Rohde & Schwarz ADS Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator Funktionsgenerator Opt. B1

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Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz

Model: ADS Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator /w Option B1 (Clockgenerator)

Model Nr.: 1012.4002.02


ADS is provided with two independently programmable synthesis channels. Thanks  to its simple channel synchronization facility and precise phase setting, the ADS is ideal for generating complex signals.


? Convenient editor functions for creating user-programmable waveforms, ARB  sequences and ARB sweeps
? 12-bit amplitude resolution
? 64-Kpoints waveform memory per channel
? Sine synthesis with high spectral purity (0.1 Hz to 5 MHz)
? Generation of triangular waves with high linearity (0.1 Hz to 100 kHz)
? User-programmable frequency sweep
? ARB sequence mode for generating signals with extremely long periods
? Nonvolatile memory for storing 20 instrument setups as well as up to 99 ARB  signals, ARB sequences and ARB sweeps
? Memory card for waveform libraries

Suitable for the following use:

? digital modulation
? communications
? navigation
? automatic test equipment
? component testing
? audio and acoustics measurements
? material testing
? ultrasound measurements
? filter design
? video applications, control engineering
? sensors and
? automotive engineering

Items delivered:

- Rohde & Schwarz ADS
- Options installed: B1 Clockgenerator
- Power Cord
- Manual as PDF

The waveform generator is in excellent cosmetic condition and 100% functional  tested.

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