Applied Biosystems ABI 9800 Fast Thermal Cycler Thermocycler 96-Well PCR 4349441

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Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems

Model: 9800 Fast Thermal Cycler PCR System

P/N: 4349441

S/N: 298000818; 298010874

YoM: 12.2005


The 9800 Fast PCR System is the first integrated system optimized for trouble-free fast PCR performance. Applied Biosystems is the most trusted name in PCR. This PCR System is the first fully-integrated fast PCR solution designed to significantly shorten your time-toresult. The 9800 Fast PCR System reduces PCR reaction time from 2 hours to 25 minutes or less, getting you on to the next step of your research more quickly than ever before. The system is optimal for service labs looking for faster turnaround times, or for researchers sharing a single system where time-savings can be especially beneficial. The 9800 Fast PCR System is ideal for speeding up the PCR process. Based on the proven engineering of the GeneAmp PCR System 9700, the 9800 Fast Thermal Cycler is designed to considerably reduce PCR reaction time. Often, 500 bp fragments can be amplified from a genomic DNA background in 25 minutes. With faster amplifications, you still achieve the same level of performance and reproducibility that make Applied Biosystems instruments the standard for reliable thermal cycling. In addition, the system includes a Standard Mode for traditional protocols.

The 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycling Plate is an integral component of the 9800 Fast PCR System. The plate has been optimized for 20 µL fast PCR reactions and is designed to fit with the 9800 system sample block.


Unmatched speed and performance:
- PCR reaction times from 2 hours to 25 minutes or less
- Superior reproducibility with uniform heating and cooling
- Specificity and sensitivity with hot start chemistry
Optimized for convenience:
- Integrated 96-well system designed for fast results
- Convenient master mix delivers consistent performance
- Superior quality 96-well plates optimized for fast PCR
Results you can count on:
- Extending the family of proven PCR solutions
- Authorized Thermal Cycler for PCR
- Fast and Standard Modes to address your current and future PCR needs


Applied Biosystems 9800 Fast Thermal Cycler:
- Format: 96-well
- Thermal Non-Uniformity:
(95ºC, 10 seconds after clock start): < 0.5ºC
(55ºC, 10 seconds after clock start): < 0.5ºC
- Block Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.25ºC, over the temperature range 35?100ºC
- Temperature Range: 4.0?99.9°C
- Ramp Speeds:
Heating: 5.0°C/seconds
Cooling: 4.1°C/seconds
- Choice of Ramp Modes: Fast and Standard Mode
- Sample Temperature Control
- Cycle Speed: < 10 minutes to uniformity cycle samples from 94°C, 0 seconds to 64°C, 0 seconds, 25 times
- Power: 240 VAC 50-60 Hz 850 VA
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 26 x 30 x 52 cm
- Weight: 12 kg

96-Well Fast Thermal Cycling Plate:
- Format: 96-well SBS standard
- PCR Volume Range: 20 µL (recommended) Min./Max. 10-30 µL
- Total Well Liquid Capacity: 100 µL (max.)

Items delivered:

- Applied Biosystems 9800 Fast Thermal Cycler PCR System
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


This PCR system is in very good cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

Hersteller: Applied Biosystems
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