H+P Thermo TELEMODUL 20 C + TELESYSTEM Stirring Drive Magnetic Stirrer HP 96

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Manufacturer: H+P Thermo

Model: TELEMODUL 20 C + TELESYSTEM Stirring Drive HP 96

P/N (TELEMODUL 20 C): 90425
S/N (TELEMODUL 20 C): 0201442

P/N (TELESYSTEM Stirring Drive HP 96): 46102
S/N (TELESYSTEM Stirring Drive HP 96): 0203940


The TELEMODUL 20 C control unit is used for controlling remote-controlled magnetic stirring systems. Its interface is menu-driven. The display shows the selected speed (rpm) and gives an overview over the functions selected. You may preset speed and stirring power as well as change the stirring mode. The three program keys can be individually defined.
The stirring drive gets its power from the TELEMODUL 20 C control unit. Drive and electronic control system are inside the stainless steel housing of the Telesystem Stirring Drive HP 96 which is completely watertight. This prevents germs from penetrating into the inside of the stirring drive. The drive is constructed without the use of moving parts and therefore totally wear-free.
The magnetic stirring systems of the TELESYSTEM type are used for chemical, microbiological, biotechnical, pharmaceutical and medical purposes, e.g.:
- Growing microorganisms (e.g. aerating and growing bacteria cultures)
- Dissolving nutrient media and solids
- To prevent the settling of suspended matter
- Titration


- Nominal power: 24 VA
- Setting range as a percentage of the nominal power: 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 % (4 levels)
- Rotation speed range: 130 to 1,400 rpm
- Speed constancy: ± 1 %
- Stirring times: 5 sec to 60 min
- Pause times: 5 sec to 60 min
- Output voltage: 2x 20 Vrms
- Operating voltage: 24 VDC

Items delivered:

- H+P Labortechnik AG TELEMODUL 20 C
- H+P Labortechnik AG TELESYSTEM Stirring Drive Magnetic Stirrer HP 96
- Power supply unit


The both items are in very good cosmetic as well as technical condition. They are 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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