HTG Firefly Bench Top Imager qNPA RNA DANN Super Capella Imaging System 90006

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Manufacturer: HTG

Model: Firefly Imaging System

P/N: 90006

S/N: FF-0025

YoM: 2008


The FireFly is a high-quality, highly sensitive, luminescent imager with a charge coupled device (CCD) camera that can image multiple targets for an entire 96-well plate in about 15 minutes, allowing researchers to analyze samples directly at their workstation in the laboratory.
The system optimizes imaging for HTG’s ArrayPlate qNPA™ technology; a high throughput array that enables multiplexed measurement of RNA levels, DNA expression and protein function. HTG’s ArrayPlate qNPA technology is used to carry out quantitative multiplexed, gene-based drug discovery programs, including target validation, HTS lead optimization, metabolism, toxicology and clinical development.
The HTG FireFly Bench Top Chemiluminescent Imager has been specifically designed for use with qNPA kits for directly measuring gene expression on multiple targets simultaneously in a wide range of sample types including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues without the need for extraction or amplification. The imager allows laboratory researchers in smaller labs to perform studies that previously were not possible due to budget constraints.


- drug discovery
- molecular diagnostic such as target gene validation, gene expression screening and time course studies.
- in vitro and in vivo pharmacology
- metabolism and drug safety studies performing treatment profiling, dose response curves and compound optimization.


- Low background and exceptionally high resolution enables researchers to discriminate extremely small changes, < 20 %, in target gene level activity with great confidence, providing the highest quality data to make critical decisions in their research.
- Ability to read partial plates allowing increased cost effectiveness in matching plate use to a research budget.
- Expandable capacity to read additional formats planned for future software versions.
- Simplified, robust optical design that allows high-quality gene-expression experiments on the bench. The HTG FireFly also has a small footprint.
- Proprietary light amplification technology increases sensitivity without the need for a cryogenically cooled CCD chip.
- The software has been designed to allow researchers sophisticated control over the imager. The instrument’s graphic user interface is intuitive and easy to use. This makes it ideal for multi-user environment where scientists can read plates quickly without overly complex instrument controls.

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