Noise Reduction Soundproof Box for Ultrasonic Baths Schallschutzgehäuse

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Model: Noise Reduction Soundproof Box for Ultrasonic Baths Schallschutzgehäuse für Ultraschallbad


This soundproof box is an acoustic enclosure for the noise reduction and insulation of ultrasonic baths in the laboratory.
Although ultrasound is above the audible range of the human ear, mechanical noise occurs when liquids are treated ultrasonically.
The noise may be disturbing in a room with low ambient noise level if exposed for prolonged periods of time.
The soundproof enclosure can minimize mechanical noise produced by ultrasonic processing.
The sturdy cabinet is lined with sound-absorbing material.
Thick polyurethane acoustic foam material covers the interior part of the box.
The foam has open cell construction that delivers very good noise absorption.
The wavy form factor of the foam multiplies absorption capacity by increasing the surface area for sound reception.
Openings at the sides of enclosure make it easy for the access.
This soundproof box for ultrasonic baths allows operation of ultrasonic cleaning units in sensitive work areas such as chemical and dental laboratories, medical practices or even workshops.

- Low maintenance
- High demand
- Robust and easy cleanable surface
- Cushioned opening mechanism for smooth handling
- The cover can be wide opened, so it is very easy to handle


- This noise protection box reduces the typical cavitation noise of an operating ultrasonic unit to a tolerable level - noise reduction by approx. 20dBA
- Dimensions: H58 x W40 x D40 cm (external)
- Dimensions: H53 x W29,5 x D35 cm (internal)
- Weight: 15 kg


The noise reduction soundproof box is in a very good cosmetical and functional condition. It is ready for your application.

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