Anachem Stem Corp RS1050 Reaction Station Chiller Stirrer Heating Block PS80038

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Manufacturer: Anachem / Stem Corp.

Model: RS 1050 Reaction Station / Laboratory Chilling & Stirring Block (P/N  PS80038)


The STEM RS 1050 Reaction Station / Laboratory Chilling & Stirring Block has 10  positions that can be programmed to run at the same temperature and stirring rate simultaneously. It can be used  for a wide range of applications from simple synthesis in the laboratory to process optimisation in industry.

The RS 1050 consists of two main modules, a temperature controlled  Reaction unit with integral magnetic stirrers and a permanently connected Chiller which is controlled by the Reaction Unit.  The factory fitted umbilical tube connecting the Reaction unit to the Chiller, transports refrigerant gas to the Reaction unit.

Within the Reaction unit there is a thermal exchanger which is manufactured to accept glass test tubes 25mm daimeter or smaller diameter test tubes using the optional reducing adaptor sleeves.

A splash proof case houses the thermal exchanger and magnetic stirrers for each  tube position. Front panel buttons on the Control Module provide an easy to use manual mode of operation. Additionally the  RS 1050 may be controlled remoptely from a computer (special software will be required). The overall size of the unit makes  it ideal for use within fume hoods and with robotic systems as well as directly on the bench.


Number of tubes: 10
Tube diameter: 25mm maximum may be reduced by using optional adapter sleeves
Stirring rate: Variable, 600 to 1500 rpm
Stirrer start: Soft start to set speed
Soft start period: 2 minutes
Stirrer drive: Rated for continuous use
Temperature: Variable -30°C...+70°C
Temperature stability: +/- 0.5°C
Heater cut out: Fixed at 70°C

Ambient operating +5°C...+30°C
temperature range:

Humidity: 75% R.H non condensing
Power: 600 VA nominal

Items delivered:

- Anachem / Stem RS 1050 Reaction Unit
- Anachem / Stem RS 1050 Chiller Unit
- Connecting Cable between Reaction Unit & Chiller Unit
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual

The Chilled Reaction Station is in used cosmetic condition with traces of use  but 100% functional tested. Runs very smooth and quiet

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