Analytik Jena Specord 200 Double-Beam Spectrometer Sipper/FlowCell/Peristaltic

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Manufacturer: Analytik Jena

Model: Specord 200 Double-Beam / Reference Spectrophotometer


The SPECORD® is a powerful, computer-controlled double-beam spectrophotometer for the measurement of the transmission, absorbance, reflection as well as the energy of liquid and solid samples. It is designed for measurements in the spectral range 190 – 1100 nm.
The double-beam spectrophotometer SPECORD® 200 provides different spectral resolutions such as 1; 2 and 4 nm.
In combination with the powerful WinASPECT® software, the SPECORD® is particularly suitable for the use in routine laboratories with a high sample throughput, but also provides solutions for special applications, if used in combination with the diverse accessories available.

Performance Specifications:

Principle: Double-beam spectrophotometer with two large-area photodiodes
Optics: Monochromator with holographic concave grating
Light split into two beams by a beam-splitting plate
Wavelength range: 190-1100nm
Spectral bandwidth: 1; 2; 4 nm (variable)
Toluene / hexane resolution: > 2.1
Photometric display range: -8A ... 8A
Photometric measuring range: -3A ... 3A
Wavelength accuracy (with holmium oxide filter)*: = ± 0.5nm
Wavelength reproducibility (with holmium oxide filter)*: = ± 0.05nm
Photometric accuracy VIS at 546nm with Hellma F4 neutral-density filter: = ± 0.005
Photometric accuracy UV with potassium dichromate as per Ph.Eur.: = ± 0.01
Stray light at 200nm (KCl Merck 1.08164.0001): = 0.5%T
Stray light at 220nm (NaI): = 0.05%T
Stray light at 240nm (NaI): = 0.05%
Stray light at 340nm (NaNO2): = 0.05%T
Baseline noise at 500nm: = 0.00015 (RMS)
Long-term stability at 500nm: = ± 0.001
Scanning speed: up to 6000nm/min

General Specifications:

Weight: 23.5 kg
Footprint (WxD): ca. 1200 x 750 mm mit PC
Dimensions (WxHxD): 680 x 240 x 620 mm
Line voltage: 230 VAC ±10 % or 115 VAC ±10 % (switchable by service)
Line frequency: 47 ... 63 Hz
Power consumption: 200 VA
Fuses:: Line fuses 230 V~: T 3,15 AH/250V, Type 19181 (Wickmann)
Data interfaces
2 x RS-232 for accessories
1 x USB port for the connection of an external PC
1 x RS–232 for the connection of an external PC
Software: WinASPECT

Items delivered:

- Analytik Jena Specord 200 Spectrophotometer
- 2 Pcs Universal Cell/Cuvette Holder
- 1 Pcs Replacement Deuterium Lamp
- 3 Pcs Replacement Halogen Lamp
- Universal sipper system with flow cell and peristaltic pump (installed)
- Notebook with pre-installed Software WinASPECT
- different tubings (replacements)
- 1x Hellma 170.000.QS 50mm Cell Cuvette
- 2x Hellma 170.000.QS Flow Cell Cuvette (P/N: 195530102)
- 2x Hellma 100-QS
- Cuvette Stand (for 16 Cells / Cuvettes)
- Instruction Manual for Specord 200 & WinASPECT

The spectrometer SPECORD 200 is excellent cosmetic as well es technical condition. 100% functional tested and ready for it's duties.
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Hersteller: Analytik Jena

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