Anton Paar Physica MCR 51 Modular Compact Rheometer Plate Cone CP50-1 MCR301 Set

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Manufacturer: Anton Paar

Model: Physica MCR 51 Modular Compact Rheometer Plate Cone CP50-1 System MCR 301 set

S/N: 80748403


Physica MCR 51 is a robust rheometer utilizing ball bearings for quality assurance and production control. Ideal for high viscosity applications where low torque capability is not required.


- Integrated instrument requiring minimum laboratory space; easy installation.
- Extremely rigid and stable frame for optimized mechanical and thermal stability.
- Machined to perfection for durability and longevity.
- Large working area provides optimal access for sample loading and trimming.
- Easy to clean.
- A high-resolution optical encoder using data oversampling technology enables precise measurements of the angular deflection.
- Position-sensitive torque mapping reduces residual torques to insignificant levels for measurements at the lowest torque values.
- Excellent normal force measurement with minimal signal drift and high thermal stability is available for all environmental systems and accessories.
- All bearings are machined and mounted in-house and undergo exhaustive quality control testing. This guarantees the highest quality and reliability of these components.
- The quick-fitting coupling for maximum ease of use. Geometries can be changed in seconds.
- The air bearing-supported synchronous motor is one of the unique key components of the Physica MCR rheometer series. High-energy permanent magnets mounted on a small rotor disc produce a constant magnetic field, providing fast, delay-free response. The rotor moves at the same speed, i.e. synchronous, with the stator field, which is produced by a series of coils.
- All the temperature control systems are highly accurate, with minimal thermal gradients. In addition, traceable automatic temperature calibration sensors are available to ensure the system is always operating within specification.


- Bearing: mechanical
- Min. torque: 250 µNm
- Max. torque: 125 mNm
- Torque resolution: <0.1 µNm
- Deflection angle (preset): 1 to 8 µrad
- Internal angular resolution: 0.012 µrad
- Min. speed (CSS): 10-5 1/min
- Min. speed (CSR): 10-3 1/min
- Max. speed: 3000 1/min
- Min. frequency: 10-4 Hz
- Max. frequency: 100 Hz
- Temperature range: -150 to +1000 °C
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 440 x 600 x 620 mm
- Weight: 43 kg

Items delivered:

- Anton Paar Physica MCR 51 Modular Compact Rheometer
- 1x Anton Paar Plate Cone CP50-1/Q1 (P/N: 79040; YoM: 2005)
- 1x Anton Paar MCR 301 set for all samples from low viscous liquids up to solids (P/N: 18599)


The rheometer is in excellent cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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