BANDELIN Sonorex super RK1040 Ultrasonic Cleaner inkl. trolley Ultraschallbad

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Manufacturer: BANDELIN electronic

Model: Sonorex super RK 1040 Ultrasonic Cleaner Set

S/N: 319.00061162.003

MFG date: 2011


BANDELIN electronic Sonorex super RK 1040 Ultrasonic Cleaner is high-power ultrasonic cleaning bath for aqueous cleaning solutions for different applications, simple usage and a very long life due to solid construction.
Ultrasonic sound of the cleaner when it is running is sound transmitted at frequencies generally beyond the range of human hearing.
In your ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic sound (sonics) is used for cleaning materials and parts.
This is how it works: As the sound waves from the transducer radiate through the solution in the tank, they cause alternating high and low pressures in the solution.
During the low pressure stage, millions of microscopic bubbles form and grow.
This process is called cavitation, meaning “formation of cavities”.
During the high pressure stage, the bubbles collapse, or “implode” releasing enormous amounts of energy.
These implosions act like an army of tiny scrub brushes.
They work in all directions, attacking every surface and invading all recesses and openings.

Key features and specifications:

- Ultrasonic peak output: 1520 W
- Corresponds to 4 times ultrasonic nominal output
- Ultrasonic nominal output: 380 W
- Ultrasonic frequency: 35 kHz
- Sweep (SweepTec®)
- Control: turning knob
- Timer: 1 – 15 min and 8

- Exterior dimensions (without ball valve): Dia. 540 mm, 500 mm high
- Housing material: stainless steel AISI 304
- Degree of protection: IP 32

Oscillating tank:
- Interior dimensions: Dia. 500 mm, 195 mm high
- Capacity: 39.5 litres
- Operating volume: 28.0 litres
- Filling level mark
- Tank material: stainless steel AISI 304
- Outlet: ball valve G ½, right side

Power supply:
- Mains supply:230 V~ (± 10 %), 50/60 Hz
- Current consumption: 230 V – 1.7 A
- Fixed power cable, 2 m
- Leakage current: < 3.5 mA

Items delivered:

- BANDELIN electronic Sonorex super RK 1040 Ultrasonic Cleaner
- Stainless steel lid D 40
- Stainless steel insert basket K 40
  (Dia. 480 mm, 50 mm high; mesh size 12.5 × 12.5 mm; max. load 10 kg)
- Power cord
- Removable trolley device
- Instruction Manual as PDF via e-mail request


The Ultrasonic Cleaner is in very good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.

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